Content Repurposing

When genius doesn't strike

Old posts made new

Content Re-Purposing. Make Old Content NewLet's face it; we can't come up with an ingenious article every day. Luckily, there are several ways of repurposing your content that not only help you over "those days" but also enables you to reach people that are not into reading blog posts.

Some people prefer to listen to a podcast or watch a video. Content repurposing can attract new readers to your site.

Depending on the kind of content you are offering there are many great possibilities of repurposing your content.

Here are some of the best ways to turn a rainy day around


The benefit of sharing a PowerPoint presentation on SlideShare is not as big as it used to be when SlideShare was deeply integrated with LinkedIn, but it is still an option that is highly ranked by Google. Turn some of your old content into PowerPoint presentations. You can add the link or presentation to your relevant articles, which will further help your rankings and make your post more interesting.

And let´s face it (and it bugged me through all of my business life): Even the most ridiculous nonsense looks intelligent and meaningful on a slide. Not that I am saying YOUR content is nonsense.


People are visual creatures, and I am sure that your content contains excellent information that can well be turned into useful quotes.  If you are lucky, you will even get a lot of shares when you use them on social media sites.


Have you learned something new since you first wrote your article? A good way to revive an old post is to add new information and then republish it with the current date.


Have you considered starting a podcast? Why not use rainy days to turn your popular articles into podcast episodes? As with the other examples, it allows you to reach new people that might like what you are doing.


Turn a clever statement of yours (from the day when genius did strike) into a shareable image. You can use a statement or a snippet of text. This pictures can be used on all social media sites as well as your blog. In my experience, people often share pictures, not only on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and such.

List of 16 sites that offer free pictures: HERE


If you are comfortable in front of a camera: Create short videos out of your most favorite content. Add the links to your post. Not only do videos rank very well, video sharing platforms are yet another source to appeal to people that do not read blogs and also deepen your connection with your existing client base.


This applies only if you have something splendid to share. Do you have something to teach that can help people with their businesses our lives? Can parts of your articles be used to provide immense value to your audience?

Suppose you have the material you should go ahead and create a webinar. A webinar is the best way to show your audience that you are willing and capable to help them out.

An additional benefit is that your list will grow in no time. Looking for the right tool? Look no further than HERE


Scan your most popular e-mails, your articles and anything else you might have done. Do you find enough material to put together an e-book? If so go ahead and produce it as soon as you can.

An e-book is another excellent tool to add lots of subscribers to your list.

Up your $$$ game!


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