5 Most Annoying Social Media Tactics

Please understand this as a humorous list, created with love. There is always a hint of truth in every joke, though. "How I deal" is merely an info on how I react and in no way to be seen as "social media advice".

So here is my list of the most annoying social media people (and I commit to exaggerating):

The Tag Spammer

This type is very common on Facebook - but all other sites as well. They post a picture of a sunrise. Nice. Who were they with? They tag about 300 people into the post. In the spirit of fabricating worthless social proof, half of the tagged people will comment and like the sunrise picture.

This type usually posts A LOT, preferably quotes, cute cats, and other pictures. Never anything he has written himself. He uses bots (automation) on all sites that allow it, even Facebook, LinkedIn ...

He considers himself an "influencer" and often offers his services. Seriously? Could I learn how to fabricate social proof by tagging?

Tagging is a useful function if you think your post is relevant to someone or if you have been with them.

How I deal: I disconnect. Firstly, the notifications about nothing annoy me. Secondly, this type does not interact, share or read your content. It´s a deadlock.

The #Guy

He does not #care if he is on #LinkedIn or any other place where #  have no #function. Readability is overrated. #hashtagthis.

He loves sites like Instagram.

How I deal: I keep them.

The negative nelly

Usually a brilliant person. The type we would generally love to hear from. Generally. He would deny and dispute that he is a negative nelly. He is not aware anymore that like a proofreader scans texts for typos and grammar mistakes, he is looking for a factual or logical error in every post he reads and something he can disagree on.

I am not sure if he is open to receive the goodness and wisdom from the posts he reads.

We love to learn about different viewpoints. People will not always agree. But if someone only leaves negative comments (which he would also deny and characterize you as "not open to constructive criticism") and just reads your posts to find something that is wrong with it .... it gets old quick. Fine is the line between feedback and unsolicited advice.

His posts are perfectly thought through, of intellectual value, and contain neither a logical nor grammatical error. There is no lightness in the way he goes about social media.

How I deal: I enjoy his posts, but I do not actively seek a connection. If I disconnect or not depends on his activity level. If I see 20 negative comments in a row, I will disconnect. Never block. His intentions are not evil.

The "Engagement Starter"

Never posts anything unique or puts effort into his social media work. Might post a bikini picture on LinkedIn to stir up controversy. Or post something like: "Tag someone who deserves it".  Feels indifferent about the fact that the reactions of your network to this post will spam your feed with irrelevance.

Because of the high level of interaction, the majority of social media sites will show this post before the posts with unique content someone spent time and energy writing.

Most of the time, this type shares nothing about themselves. They might ask you how you feel about something - they will not share how they feel about it.

It´s a numbers game. Will probably win a few new clients through the high amount of people who see the irrelevant posts. Will be considered a "social media wonder" after a short while. Because, sadly, this works. So does porn - everyone has to make their own decision who they want to be.

How I deal: Block. This type has no value. They are not social nor are they interested in genuine connection or interaction. This is my least favorite type of all. I will even mute people or disconnect if they constantly interact with these posts. Especially on LinkedIn, people do not seem to be aware that "This post belongs on Facebook" or "So inappropriate" shares the irrelevant post to their whole network.

The affiliate marketer

This type is bursting with enthusiasm. Pumped to the bone they sign up to a social media site and start posting links to a MLM (multi level marketing) system. Again and again and again. At the time when they sign up and start spamming, they still believe they will get their investment back - and make lots of money on top.

They do interact. They comment everyone´s posts with: Great info! Here is a link to a site that will make you rich like Dagobert Duck, Elvis Presley will return, and your hair will grow again.

They´ll click you on LinkedIn and if you click back you will receive this message:

"Thank you for connecting! Here is a gift for you: xxxxxxxxxxx."

If you´re having a bad day you can have some fun with him: Just ask him how much money he made from the "quick rich" system he promotes.

How I deal: I feel for them and smile while I softly disconnect. The pyramid schemes and MLM programs have excellent marketing and brainwashed him to believe that this will work.

Up your $$$ game!


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