AppSumo Review

My AppSumo Review might come out as a love song. As you can see on the picture below, I did quite some shopping since I joined less than a month ago. Because of the nature of this site, it will be hard to review it without getting you too excited (you'll understand what I mean […]

The Myth of Personal Branding

The myth of personal branding is told often these days. You have to be a brand. "I can help you to build your personal brand!", says nearly everyone. There are social media sites that can help you become a brand, tools, methods - I'm sure if I do a search on Amazon, I'll find a […]

The surprising danger of being a blogger

  The surprising danger of being a blogger? Blogging sounds like a pretty safe job to me. Marian was a frustrated insurance agent when she discovered blogging back in 2011. At first, it was a side-hustle. But as the number of viewers grew, so did her confidence. She felt proud of what she had achieved. […]

Amazon Echo Look Review

  My Amazon Echo Look review can help you to make a decision if you're not sure if this is a creep or a keep. Echo Look is Amazon's newest IoT gadget and at this time you have to request an invitation which you can do here: Amazon Echo Look My general view on the internet […]

Should you block bot traffic?

Why I block bot traffic Recently my site has become pretty popular. Especially with bots. Even though I upgraded my hosting, my site was hardly able to cater hundreds of visitors every second. "Visitors" might not be the appropriate term because most of them were not human. I am not talking about spam bots. I […]

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