Is your niche profitable?

    Early this morning¬†I had the pleasure of working with Emma. Emma is a small business owner from Sussex, England. She contacted me because she wanted to learn techniques for effective stress management. After a car accident and three back surgeries, Emma has trouble walking. She decided to start an online business. Emma has […]

JVZOO Review - Why I left

Before I share my JVZOO Review, let me say one thing: the people from JVZOO I spoke to are wonderful people. I have experienced some of the best support ever. Of all of the well-known sites, JVZOO is the one it's easiest and fastest to get started. And that is probably why I had the […]

WebinarJam Review 2017

  I first started using WebinarJam back in April 2016. Before that, I went through a painful process of evaluating nine different tools. Not because I love evaluating software but because each of the solutions had different problems. Also WebinarJam. WebinarJam was the still best of them all so that I settled. Back then they […]

AppSumo Briefcase Review (formerly AppSumo Black)

My Appsumo Briefcase review will expose if this is worth your time. They say if something sounds too good to be true it usually is. But then again, from time to time you come across something that is as good as it sounds. Can I after two very negative reviews finally recommend a tool again? […]

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