WhatsApp To Give Phone Numbers To Facebook

Are you like me someone who rarely or never reads the "changes to our TOS." Well, maybe we should start reading them. Facebook plans to increase ad revenue Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for $ 22 Billion. If you agree to the new TOS (if you don´t you´ll have another 30 days to do so) […]

5 Most Annoying Social Media Tactics

Please understand this as a humorous list, created with love. There is always a hint of truth in every joke, though. "How I deal" is merely an info on how I react and in no way to be seen as "social media advice". So here is my list of the most annoying social media people […]

16 Free Pictures Sites For Bloggers / Writers

While I am searching for pictures of brains (so far without success) I was thinking that others might be looking for sources of pictures they can use as well. Best of free stock photos Here are my picture resources, in no particular order: 1. Unsplash I would describe this site as artsy. Wonderful pictures, some […]

Webinar JEO Review, Walter Bayliss

Webinar JEO is probably the last of my series of webinar system reviews. I found my "weapon of choice". Walter Bayliss is on the market for over 7 years now. He is an entrepreneur, software developer, and internet marketer. He used to offer "RunClick Webinar" - a webinar system based on Google Hangouts. After experiencing […]

AdSense Alternatives For New Blogs

"Your blog does not qualify for Adsense." "Your account has been temporarily disabled/deactivated." Your blog/website is new. No one wants you. What to do? Wait until you have 50 k visitors? No way! Here is the thing with AdSense: There are thousands and thousands of complaints about AdSense out there. It seems that many do […]

Build my List Review, Jimmy Kim

UPDATE 2017: Time has gone by since this article was posted. In 2017, this functionality is nothing you have to spend money on. The features are included in all landing page creature software nowadays. Jimmy is one of the cool kids. The kind you want to hang around with. He is also one of the […]

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