Everwebinar + WebinarJam Review

One of the best Webinar Systems I loved Everwebinar a lot. Sadly, I had to leave after a few weeks for a reason that probably does to you: I could not add JavaScript to my sign-up page. My affiliate tracking worked with JavaScript so that in consequence I could not track the sales of affiliates. […]

Getting Serious About Social Media

Why Killem FTW is my favorite crazy kid I´ll admit it openly. I am not good when it comes to social media ... you are just better at things you love. Someone who rocks social media and loves it is British Killem FTW. I am not sure if you would call it a subculture or […]

List Building Opportunity - Personal Development

The List Building Event of the Year! The best reward is helping as many people as possible to a better life. To be able to help people we must reach them first.  I don´t have an event picture so I will just add one of myself as I am joining this event to promote my […]

RIP Amazon - I once loved you

Amazon is going down For many years, Amazon was my favorite company. Best customer service, best assortment, best prices, fastest shipping - best everything. They seemed to take the growth step from a medium to a huge company effortlessly. Not anymore. Amazon now sucks like a Microsoft, Comcast or any giant company who has been […]

Why Apple Watch is underrated

A functionality review of Apple Watch I have to admit it: When I first read about Apple watch I posted something ugly like: "Great, now you can spot idiots from a mile away." In my defense: The article stated it would cost $ 5000. Sometimes I still try to cover it, but that is silly […]

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