Saturday, March 25, 2017

Are you a digital stalker?

Are you a digital stalker? Remarketing, Privacy, Retargeting

About remarketing, privacy and intrusive advertising

Most of the time, I am using an aggressive script blocker. I don't see a lot of advertising. But now and then, I pause my script blocker to use the full function of a site.

Isn't it funny? Most of the "free offers" are not free - I offer my data in return. With my background in data mining, I am aware how much small pieces of data tell about you. When I quantify the perceived value of my data, the marketer offering me a free book loses.

The value of your data

Do you have any idea how much marketers (or anyone else) can learn about you through a few pieces of seemingly irrelevant data?

I am not talking about obvious things. For instance, that an insurance company knows the minute you get diabetes what your next diseases will be and what you will cost until the day you die. Oh, and when you die.

Knowing your favorite wine and which book you purchase might allow me to know your gender orientation. Your browsing history, which social networks you use, where you live and at which time you post adds to the picture.

Why not just use your real name when you go to that shady site? I can buy the data to see if you were there.

"I have nothing to hide", you might think. In 2009, the then CEO of Google, Schmidt famously said:
If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.
Yet, he is not live streaming when he is using the bathroom, or is he? If you have something that you don't want people to see, maybe you should not be using your bathroom in the first place.

There is a difference between having dirty secrets and exposing yourself to exploitation. The opposite of privacy is transparency - not "shady person".

The first rule of data is: Every piece of data that is stored anywhere can and will be hacked at some point.

A law has just passed that allows ISP's to sell your data, including browsing history without your consent. What if the government tomorrow decides they want to get rid of gays? Or any other grouping or minority?

What if your insurance cancelled your policy for you unhealthy lifestyle?

State Farm offers their clients a discount if they agree to install some thingy in their cars that transmits information from your board computer and your driving. Insurances pay the experts well for NOT paying out claims. Why collect this kind of data if you are not planning to use it?

Do you want your insurance to know you did go to the checkup your board computer suggested after you caused an accident?

Would you want everyone to know where you've been? If you were speeding? If your "check engine" light is on?

You better say "yes" if you are using retargeting, remarketing or intrusive ads against your buyers.

We must stop differentiating between "real life" and the internet. There is only one life. If we are jerks on the internet we are just jerks.

Hunter or the hunted

The mindset of most marketers is that they have to hunt their prey. And that's what you are really doing if you use mechanisms to break through ad-blockers.

How about remarketing and showing ads to people who left your site? They would have signed up to your newsletter if they wanted to hear from you, wouldn't they?

Maybe a few people will buy after you digitally stalked them. How about all the people who will never buy from you for it?

Being interesting and trustworthy enough is the way to go. Do that and clients will be interested in the value you offer.

Quality content

There is no sustainable shortcut to providing value. That is all to say about that. If you treat potential clients like prey, you might have a quick sale - a sustainable relationship with a client you have not.

We all feel that we have something our clients need to see and it IS hard to grab someone's attention nevertheless create a lasting bond that makes them come back.

That's why it's called selling.

How can you expect your potential buyers to care about you if you clarify that you don't care about them? They'll trust you as much as the next bully or thief.

There is a long way between a man raping a woman and a marketer forcing his ads on people. But, think about it, it's kind of the same mindset, isn't it?

People love to buy. But we as sellers take all the fun out of buying.

Some of us go as far as creating fake social proof, buying fake reviews and much more - as if we know that we are not trustworthy.

Or are you different?

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Complaining about LinkedIn - An Opinion

The new LinkedIn Interface

Complaining on social media

Today I disconnected from a friend. Or better: acquaintance because I would have shared my concern with a friend.

Currently, there is a steady stream of complainer posts on my LinkedIn feed. Some pronounce LinkedIn dead while others just need to vent.

Complainer posts generate lots of interaction. Just like bikini photos, political posts, and cute cats.

The purpose of this article is not to complain about complainers. That would be an oxymoron, right? Why complain when I am blessed with a healthy index finger capable of blocking tons of complainers at the speed of light?

I feel that what I am about to say applies to social media in general so that I will share my subjective, biased point of view.

Why complaining is counterproductive

Who's your daddy?

The charm of LinkedIn and what makes it unique is that it is the only site that attracts an unmatched amount of C-Level people. While they are rarely interacting with posts, it gives you the chance to catch their eye, get introduced and buy the right (InMail) to bug them. Or to stay in front of your existing clients.

This is the most important USP of LinkedIn.

All other users are important too. The sales people, the job hunters ... But, you see, we are less important.

Look at LinkedIn as a honey pot. And at the C-Levels as honey.

If you are a full pot of honey, the bears and the ants will come. Not much need to seduce them. Especially the salespeople. They will come :-D

What is your reason to be on LinkedIn? I know one of mine is the idea that C-Level Executives interested either in our sales training or my emotional intelligence training and coaching offering might see me.

How interested will they be in people complaining about missing features irrelevant to them?

Do not fall victim to the assumption that because negative people are louder, it's what people want to see. Most people do not appreciate negativity.

But, wait. Is that true? Why do complainer posts receive so much interaction and likes then?

Interaction with complainer posts

Complainer posts often get much more interaction than any post of someone who took a lot of time and effort to provide positive value to his readers.

Tons of likes and longer comments than on most posts. Complainers attract other complainers who are often eager to share their dissatisfaction. In epic length.

Here's the thing. Complainers don't come with their credit cards. Unless you get paid for interaction, it might not be the crowd you are looking for. But you risk being muted by potential buyers and positive connections.

Nobody ever got a deal because he whined so nice.

Complaining about LinkedIn

You hate the new LinkedIn

Ok, so you are unhappy with LinkedIn. Two possible scenarios:
  1. You are a paid member and dislike that functionality was removed/the price increased.

    Understandable. Nobody likes something taken from him.

    Unless you are very lucky or generate thousands of shares of your posts, it's unlikely that your post or comments will be seen by someone in charge. But you risk annoying your network.
  2. You are a free member and dislike that you lost functionality. That makes you so mad that you cannot stop complaining.

    Walk to you power outlet and pull the plug. You need a two-week break from the internet. Use it to check your sense of entitlement. 
LinkedIn is a public company. The screw to turn is the income screw. If enough people canceled their subscription or deleted their profiles change would be right around the corner.

They follow their own agenda and not yours. For a salesperson, the ability to talk to as many people as possible might be a crucial feature of LinkedIn. For the people he wants to talk to ... maybe not. 

If one user shares their dissatisfaction with the support, it would not make a difference. If all the people who comment on complainer posts would write to the support ... BAM!

I rid myself of anyone engaging in bikini posts or other irrelevant posts. Complainers? You're next. Words are powerful. They change our brain. I choose to not expose myself to unnecessary negative words.

And you know why I will not post this on Pulse? If you read until here you know it.

Cheers to adding value!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

HONEST Carvly Review

Honest Review of Carvly

I am tired of fake reviews

When I came across Carvly after reading a raving review I did my homework. I searched the web for more reviews.

The concept of Carvly is phenomenal. I was sceptical because the suggested content of delivery includes
  • Automating social media posts on all common sites
  • AI creates posts for you
  • Create landing pages with a few clicks
  • Create videos with a few clicks
  • Capture leads and valuable analytical information
... and much, much, much more ..

seemed to good to be true. You find only enthusiastic, positive reviews on the internet. 

You see. I am not against earning commission with product recommendations. After all you take the time and effort to nurture a site, buy and try the product. Or at least study it in-depths.

I am against recommending products you have not even tried and against fake reviews.

So back to the theory. You get commission for your work of testing a product and writing about it.

But ... more often than not it is impossible to find a honest review for a product. "Honest review" "The truth about ...." "Read first..." "Is xy scam" are the most overused terms of "marketers" who cannot be bothered to test the quality of the products they recommend to their trusting readers.

They often dominate the first page of google because they write their reviews before or right when the product gets released.

The Carvly reviews are fake

I am convinced that none of the reviewers has purchased the product. Here is why:

I am in bit a of a time crunch so I ask your forgiveness for potentially stuttering. I will do one take after testing Carvly for just 10 or 20 minutes.

I am not an affiliate marketer nor a social media person. For those who are here the first time: I am a coach who shares what he learns to run his business.

Normally, I would invest more time in figuring out how a software works. Join me and let's take a look at the first impression of Carvly:


Great concept


  • Hardly any function is working
  • Invalid SSL certificate + insecure scripts is not 2017
  • Tries to do a lot but is not great at anything
  • Nobody wants their leads stored on a site that does not use encryption

Conclusion: Do not buy Carvly

The product is not even in beta status. Invalid SSL certificates and insecure script is too 2009 for my taste.

I will just suppose that the functions that did not work will work and base my conclusion on the assumption I was just not able to figure out how to work the tool.

That said, I dislike a tool I cannot figure out, as I had no trouble figuring out how to work a ton of other products.

Carvly tries to cover multiple functions but is not great at any of it. Free and inexpensive tools are one click away that specialize and are good at the function they promise.

As I said in the video:  I am not concerned about the security of my data, but I would not want to have my leads stored with a company that is obviously not fantastic at implementing basic security and compliance.

Do only buy this if you know the developer and trust them to over time fix all of the errors and add functionality.

Broken functions together with mediocrity (if the functions would work) and invalid SSL/insecure scripts destroys every little bit of trust.

I wish Carvly the very best because it's a terrific idea and a great concept. Nobody minds a few bugs when a product is brand new. But at this point it should in my opinion not be up for sale.

Give Social Jukebox a try for social media automation. They have less reviews because they pay horribly little affiliate commission but I can recommend this product from my heart.

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