Thursday, July 13, 2017

Beardvertising - an innovative advertising approach

Coming up with brilliant marketing ideas is like hunting the holy grail these days. With too much, too aggressive and too salesy advertisements all around us, we have become numb and defensive.

We install ad-blockers, we stop taking calls from unknown numbers, we block spam - our guards go up as soon as we spot a salesperson.

beardvertising advertising

Many marketing and advertising agencies are looking for ways to "beat" us, manipulate us instead of producing content we want to see. "The unblockable ad" and such are popular topics amongst advertisers and advertising agencies.

If an industry's approach is: "They don't want it, we'll find ways to force it on them", it's pretty much a failure, in my view.

We are all competing for precious attention from potential buyers. Even the best vendor will need the chance to communicate with a potential client. It becomes increasingly difficult to get that spot.

Advertising without being annoying - how?

It's understandable that we want to offer our support and products to buyers. After all, if we offer something that allows buyers to be happier, healthier or wealthier it is even our obligation.

But how can we earn the chance to create an emotional connection with a buyer? Even below C-Level, every business person/entrepreneur might have been approached by 20 salespeople before it's 12 pm.

Quality content, network, and innovation are key.

Irish Andy Anderson Beardvertising

In 2013, Irish Andy Anderson (Professional Wrestler, Small Business Web Consulting, Podcaster) landed a hit when he started "beardvertising".

Soon the Dollar Shave Club picked up the idea and it became their most successful campaign ever. reported that beardvertisers received $5 per day, which also makes it an inexpensive advertising solution.

What better place to advertise for a shave club than a full beard?

It is reported that people approached the beardvertisers to read the messages and were appreciative of the beard ads.

Not every idea will be a hit like beardvertising. But that is what we need to do. We need to be a trustworthy partner, offer quality work and generate fresh ideas to be able to get someone's attention to start communication.

Irish Andy Anderson

If your small business needs fresh ideas, SEO consulting or help with your website - connect with Andy and learn how he could help other businesses to drive traffic to their sites and increase their sales.

You find Andy Anderson HERE

I also recommend his entertaining podcast that you can access by clicking on the picture below.

Irish Andy Anderson


Andy offered me a free advertisement. Before he knew I would write an article about his beardvertising. You can catch up with the conversation on Monday when I release our Interview Blab.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

About Twitter Auto Messages With Link

One of the most famous German runway coaches is a guy who seems to be lacking motoric skills. Still, he creates stars.

About Twitter Auto Messages

I saw a documentary about him perhaps 12 years ago. 

Oh, and I also remember the huge soccer coach. He was never an active player and his weight would make it impossible for him to run. 

For years and years, he managed to coach a team to greatness. 

I remember those two people because it's extraordinary. Rare. 

"Online business" is such a dynamic playfield. I can go to a site, grab a link and an email swipe and advice people on how to run their business. 

That's amazing, don't you think?

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself two question before you implement a new strategy or procedure: 
  • How would I react when presented with this?
  • Does the teacher make his money by doing what he teaches or by selling his "proven system" to unsuspecting new "entrepreneurs"?
Say, when was the last time you purchased something through an automated Twitter message? 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Viraloo Review Warning

Wow, I really don't like to write negative reviews. But I feel if something annoyed me it's common decency to let you know. Tomorrow or so I can luckily share about a fabulous tool I discovered for you.

Viraloo Review

You know .. Viraloo makes the typical "get viral, rich and immortal overnight" claims. As you know, I am not interested in that so that I am not bothered that it's not true. Everybody knows that it doesn't work like this.

I purchased Viraloo because I was under the impression that it allows me to offer content for social action. For instance, someone gets a free product if 10 people sign up through his link.

There is also "affiliate training" included in the initial purchase price of just $ 27.

It turned out that this is not working for my business. The "lock" can only refer to the page it is on. I wanted to have an opt-in page, and after people received their goodie, invite them to earn an even bigger goodie.

A blackmail lock might work in the "Internet Business" "MLM" "Affiliate" area - I personally find it offensive. Reminds me of "wannacry" more than marketing. And don't forget that I offer corporate sales training in partnership with Mike Bosworth Leadership.

I was still a super, super happy camper. Viraloo allowed me to use Instapages and I thought it's a fabulous page builder.

I cannot comment on the quality of the "training". I doubt it is training though. The spammyness of the viraloo download page made clear to me that this will be our last interaction, and I was convinced the "training" is just going to be upsell-shows.

While I do not take a lot of time to write a negative review, I looked at the JV page:
Viraloo Scam Review

Oh, haha, look at that. Why do I need 3 more stuff when I will be rich and famous tomorrow, anyway?

Jokes aside, I expected something like that and I am not worried that you don't become a superstar overnight by making blackmailish offers. I don't know a lot about your business. Personally, I click away if a page says as much as "share to access".

Yes, Dropbox and others grew crazy with this strategy. People wanted more storage. But my products, and perhaps yours too, are not products people are actively looking for. My job is often to invite the ones who are not looking (95% of the market) to become my clients.

Ok, focus, Aurorasa. Ah, right.

The "lock" does not have any fraud detection so that you can expect to give your great item (it has to be great for someone to share your offer and get 5 sign-ups for you ...) out for free. You will also loose opt-ins who are just not into the type of aggressive marketing. That's at least my guess.

The thing with the spam

I had one problem that I hate from the second I purchased. The vendor does not only promote really, really spammy offers right away - I received a ton of spam. To the address on my PayPal account that is normally spam free.

It's not proven in any way, that these guys are responsible for that - it could be just a coincidence that my spam free mailbox all of a sudden is hit by "get viral, rich and immortal overnight" spam.

But, you know, perception is reality and my impression of "The Art of Marketing" (the makers of Viraloo) at this point was already damaged.

Oh, well, also not a big problem for me, my email provider is very aggressive towards spammers and they soon land on blacklists.

viraloo spam

But .... here's the thing.

I was happy and excited, created my landing page, promoted it (touched money to do so) only to learn that people received an error 404.

When I logged into my Viraloo account at http://, I learned that Instapages was gone. My landing page has been deleted. I was not informed of that.

Instead some 3rd class "page builder" had been installed.

I contacted support. They did not reply for 8 days. I contacted them again, this time requesting a refund. They did not answer.

Probably to outrank the negative reviews that will soon be over the net, "Art of Marketing" called an article on their own blog "Viraloo-Scam" (that's the URL): Negative SEO from the vendor?

Scam is a big word that we use too easily. I would not call it a scam. I think it's an unprofessional vendor with an approach that might be considered "sales talent" in the Affiliate and MLM area. But in no other place in the world.

I recommend staying away.

A professional and spam-free alternative with attentive support, fraud detection, and tons of features is UpViral.

Have a look at it. Oh, should you want your money back from them - the support replies.

PS: Upviral is also cheaper given that the price they tell you upfront is the real price!

Explaindio Review - Do not buy

This review does not contain an affiliate link. For if you are still willing to buy after you read this, I failed and do not deserve to be paid.

Explaindio 3 Review

I will sort my concerns into technical and ... I nearly want to say "ethical". This review will be relatively short because I have wasted a lot of time that I need to prepare a video for my new product, "DMN Brain Booster".

So ... you watch the sales video and it looks all fabulous. Professional looking videos with great music, animation, and whatnot.

Then you hear the price: Only USD 69 for the professional and USD 59 for the personal version. Annually that is.

Nice, sure thing - why not?

Technical problems

I knew the 2.0 version and assumed they have improved since then. They have improved. Their presentation.

The software is in version 3 (3.9? I forgot after I uninstalled..) as crashy and laggy as in Version 2.

Other than that, I have not used it long enough to discover any hidden technical problems. The user interface is nasty and not intuitive at all.

If everything else was fine, I would not mind the horrible translation of the example texts. I guess if you like someone, you are more willing to overlook errors.

The bad stuff

Listen, I make my living from selling my coaching service and my products. There is nothing wrong with making money IF you offer buyers value. There is nothing wrong with getting paid for your effort of reviewing a product. IF your review is trustworthy.

Did you ever wonder why so many affiliate marketers do not make it? Part of the reason is ethics. It's not a sustainable business model to rip people off, disappoint them or give them false advice.

Upselling is a good thing if you offer buyers additional value. It is a very bad thing if you want them to pay for what you tricked them into believing they get with the first purchase.

The real price of Explaindio 3

Do you know what you really get for your bucks? Go to Fiverr, have a look at the nasty 5 buck explainer videos - this is what you get. 

I have no screenshot for you, I uninstalled before I started writing this ... Every second button in the software takes you to the website for an upsell. 

But what about the cool presentations you saw on the sales page? Yes, what about them? You won't be able to create them with your "milk the cow" version. 

Only a few highly overused audio. Hardly any templates. 3d? I saw 5 "examples" in the folder but could not look at them for the program crashed when I tried to import them. 

Have a look at the sales funnel and please keep an eye out for the parts that are subscriptions and have to be paid monthly. 

explaindio 3 review

Again. There is NOTHING wrong with upselling, cross-selling, or any form of selling. 

If I trust you, I will stay with you and be happy to buy again from you. If I don't, you will not ever sell to me again. That includes everyone who has attested for this product too. 

The testimonials

I believe it is in bad taste to publish names of people on the internet so that I won't. But if you have a JVZOO account and would look at the top sellers of this product, you would find that that are the endorsements. 

Where are the happy clients? 


If you want a cheapo looking explainer video with characters 400,000 others are using, do yourself a favor and save yourself some time. Go to Fiverr and get it done for you for 5 Bucks. 

If you are willing to pay 1k per year, I am sure there are better solutions out there.

You know? Maybe I would pay 1k per year for high quality videos. Just don't be shady about the price of your product. 

Unless you invest a lot of time (and the mentioned amounts of $), your Explaindio video will only appeal to a limited amount of people. "Affiliates", "MLM". Businesspeople? Not. 

The term "affiliate marketing" has been tainted and spoiled by all the black sheep out there. What comes to mind when you think of "affiliate marketing"? Low quality accepted? Not very honest? Spam? Scam? 

It's sad really if you think about it. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Google Blogger vs Wordpress

As you know ... I use Google Blogger for all of my blogs. This article is written from the standpoint of a (proudly) untechnical person.

When asked in the past why I use Google I told everyone:

"I am of the opinion that Wordpress has way, way more features, and possibilities. But everyone I know who uses it has constant trouble and spends a lot of time on fixing issues.
Google can do less but what it can do it does without problems. Also, I never need to fear changes of Googles' extensive book of rules. With a Google blog, you're good."

Now look how pretty my WordPress entrance page is already:

WordPress Aurorasa Coaching

WordPress and a sea of tears

Wait, let me think ... how did it all start? What made me so reckless? Ah, I know. I needed a hosting contract and it came with WordPress. I clicked and it asked which kind of site I wanted.

"None", I thought. But I still clicked on "store". Wow ... it seemed so easy. Within minutes I had a store. It looked ugly, but if you can build it in a few minutes, how hard can it be to make it cute?

Very hard, my friend, I tell you.

I fell in love with idea that I can separate my digital products from my coaching services, and I decided to use this WordPress store. The store was missing a few features so that I tried other e-commerce options.

And soon I was one of them. A WordPress user activating and deactivating plugins ... trying and crying, searching nerdy help-forums. And sure enough, I even had to touch code. You have to buy a service here and a missing feature there. That costs time.

The same happened with other seemingly great and simple to use features:

  • Membership site
  • Affiliate program for the store
  • Booking system

I already had to deal with comment spam, setting up a firewall for my WordPress site, installing my own SSL, and and and. All of this is alien to a Google and "out of the box product" user.

My worst fears came true when the second person emailed me that they cannot purchase. "Sorry, .... has been removed from the cart, the product cannot be purchased anymore". I realized that there were no orders for a few days.

I do not want to learn how to code. Or become an expert in anything else than my craft. To me, all time that I cannot spend to serve people or enjoy life is wasted.

At first, it seems like there is just a small issue to solve. Then the next. Turns out that the issue is not that small after all. Without you noticing you get pulled into a sea of tasks. And once you're in production you have to fix issues right away.

Long story short:

I purchased a plugin for $ 150 to get rid of my most severe issues (and naturally I also had to purchase a "professional" theme, SSL certificate, "pro" features, integrations, etc). Not a lot of money but enough to expect professional communication. The reply to my support request:

WordPress versus Google Blogger

Ahhhh. Polemic. Gotta love it.

An interesting point is, that one of their USPs seems to be that "it does not break".

Google Blogger wins, Wordpress wins

Yes, WordPress has a ton of options and functions. Endless possibilities. And an endless potential for trouble. That's why it wins.

But you`ll end up with a collection of maybe compatible plugins from developers with different skill levels. It's hard to fight the "shiney object syndrome" so that you might spend a lot of time trying things.

Not counting the time and potential loss of sales - until you're done creating a halfway secure and functional WordPress store/site you spent more money, time and nerves than with a ready-made solution. And it will potentially still look "WordPressish". That is a negative. I never had to think about comment spam (in a larger scale), https and things like that.

In my opinion, for a simple blog, Google is the better solution. And for a more complex scenario I prefer an integrated ready-made tool. That's why Blogger wins.

Your WordPress store/site can break with every new update. Getting support can be quite difficult, especially when you are not sure which plugin causes the problem.

If you don't mind fiddling with technicalities, WordPress might be the right solution for you. Just keep in mind: There is no such thing as free lunch.

It's not free when you have to spend time you could have used to generate sales.

You can either pay a fixed price upfront or an unknown amount of money, time, nerves and possibly even reputation later.

Would you like to see where my WordPress store for my digital products is at after switching to a new theme a few hours ago?

It`s still work in progress ... but, hey, the checkout is working already - and the affiliate links are too.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Are you a digital stalker?

Are you a digital stalker? Remarketing, Privacy, Retargeting

About remarketing, privacy and intrusive advertising

Most of the time, I am using an aggressive script blocker. I don't see a lot of advertising. But now and then, I pause my script blocker to use the full function of a site.

Isn't it funny? Most of the "free offers" are not free - I offer my data in return. With my background in data mining, I am aware how much small pieces of data tell about you. When I quantify the perceived value of my data, the marketer offering me a free book loses.

The value of your data

Do you have any idea how much marketers (or anyone else) can learn about you through a few pieces of seemingly irrelevant data?

I am not talking about obvious things. For instance, that an insurance company knows the minute you get diabetes what your next diseases will be and what you will cost until the day you die. Oh, and when you die.

Knowing your favorite wine and which book you purchase might allow me to know your gender orientation. Your browsing history, which social networks you use, where you live and at which time you post adds to the picture.

Why not just use your real name when you go to that shady site? I can buy the data to see if you were there.

"I have nothing to hide", you might think. In 2009, the then CEO of Google, Schmidt famously said:
If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.
Yet, he is not live streaming when he is using the bathroom, or is he? If you have something that you don't want people to see, maybe you should not be using your bathroom in the first place.

There is a difference between having dirty secrets and exposing yourself to exploitation. The opposite of privacy is transparency - not "shady person".

The first rule of data is: Every piece of data that is stored anywhere can and will be hacked at some point.

A law has just passed that allows ISP's to sell your data, including browsing history without your consent. What if the government tomorrow decides they want to get rid of gays? Or any other grouping or minority?

What if your insurance cancelled your policy for you unhealthy lifestyle?

State Farm offers their clients a discount if they agree to install some thingy in their cars that transmits information from your board computer and your driving. Insurances pay the experts well for NOT paying out claims. Why collect this kind of data if you are not planning to use it?

Do you want your insurance to know you did go to the checkup your board computer suggested after you caused an accident?

Would you want everyone to know where you've been? If you were speeding? If your "check engine" light is on?

You better say "yes" if you are using retargeting, remarketing or intrusive ads against your buyers.

We must stop differentiating between "real life" and the internet. There is only one life. If we are jerks on the internet we are just jerks.

Hunter or the hunted

The mindset of most marketers is that they have to hunt their prey. And that's what you are really doing if you use mechanisms to break through ad-blockers.

How about remarketing and showing ads to people who left your site? They would have signed up to your newsletter if they wanted to hear from you, wouldn't they?

Maybe a few people will buy after you digitally stalked them. How about all the people who will never buy from you for it?

Being interesting and trustworthy enough is the way to go. Do that and clients will be interested in the value you offer.

Quality content

There is no sustainable shortcut to providing value. That is all to say about that. If you treat potential clients like prey, you might have a quick sale - a sustainable relationship with a client you have not.

We all feel that we have something our clients need to see and it IS hard to grab someone's attention nevertheless create a lasting bond that makes them come back.

That's why it's called selling.

How can you expect your potential buyers to care about you if you clarify that you don't care about them? They'll trust you as much as the next bully or thief.

There is a long way between a man raping a woman and a marketer forcing his ads on people. But, think about it, it's kind of the same mindset, isn't it?

People love to buy. But we as sellers take all the fun out of buying.

Some of us go as far as creating fake social proof, buying fake reviews and much more - as if we know that we are not trustworthy.

Or are you different?

Learn how to become a great salesperson HERE

88 % Of New Business Fails In 90 Days

Train your brain for success

If you feel like:

... click on the nose below to access the payout desk.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Complaining about LinkedIn - An Opinion

The new LinkedIn Interface

Complaining on social media

Today I disconnected from a friend. Or better: acquaintance because I would have shared my concern with a friend.

Currently, there is a steady stream of complainer posts on my LinkedIn feed. Some pronounce LinkedIn dead while others just need to vent.

Complainer posts generate lots of interaction. Just like bikini photos, political posts, and cute cats.

The purpose of this article is not to complain about complainers. That would be an oxymoron, right? Why complain when I am blessed with a healthy index finger capable of blocking tons of complainers at the speed of light?

I feel that what I am about to say applies to social media in general so that I will share my subjective, biased point of view.

Why complaining is counterproductive

Who's your daddy?

The charm of LinkedIn and what makes it unique is that it is the only site that attracts an unmatched amount of C-Level people. While they are rarely interacting with posts, it gives you the chance to catch their eye, get introduced and buy the right (InMail) to bug them. Or to stay in front of your existing clients.

This is the most important USP of LinkedIn.

All other users are important too. The sales people, the job hunters ... But, you see, we are less important.

Look at LinkedIn as a honey pot. And at the C-Levels as honey.

If you are a full pot of honey, the bears and the ants will come. Not much need to seduce them. Especially the salespeople. They will come :-D

What is your reason to be on LinkedIn? I know one of mine is the idea that C-Level Executives interested either in our sales training or my emotional intelligence training and coaching offering might see me.

How interested will they be in people complaining about missing features irrelevant to them?

Do not fall victim to the assumption that because negative people are louder, it's what people want to see. Most people do not appreciate negativity.

But, wait. Is that true? Why do complainer posts receive so much interaction and likes then?

Interaction with complainer posts

Complainer posts often get much more interaction than any post of someone who took a lot of time and effort to provide positive value to his readers.

Tons of likes and longer comments than on most posts. Complainers attract other complainers who are often eager to share their dissatisfaction. In epic length.

Here's the thing. Complainers don't come with their credit cards. Unless you get paid for interaction, it might not be the crowd you are looking for. But you risk being muted by potential buyers and positive connections.

Nobody ever got a deal because he whined so nice.

Complaining about LinkedIn

You hate the new LinkedIn

Ok, so you are unhappy with LinkedIn. Two possible scenarios:
  1. You are a paid member and dislike that functionality was removed/the price increased.

    Understandable. Nobody likes something taken from him.

    Unless you are very lucky or generate thousands of shares of your posts, it's unlikely that your post or comments will be seen by someone in charge. But you risk annoying your network.
  2. You are a free member and dislike that you lost functionality. That makes you so mad that you cannot stop complaining.

    Walk to you power outlet and pull the plug. You need a two-week break from the internet. Use it to check your sense of entitlement. 
LinkedIn is a public company. The screw to turn is the income screw. If enough people canceled their subscription or deleted their profiles change would be right around the corner.

They follow their own agenda and not yours. For a salesperson, the ability to talk to as many people as possible might be a crucial feature of LinkedIn. For the people he wants to talk to ... maybe not. 

If one user shares their dissatisfaction with the support, it would not make a difference. If all the people who comment on complainer posts would write to the support ... BAM!

I rid myself of anyone engaging in bikini posts or other irrelevant posts. Complainers? You're next. Words are powerful. They change our brain. I choose to not expose myself to unnecessary negative words.

And you know why I will not post this on Pulse? If you read until here you know it.

Cheers to adding value!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

HONEST Carvly Review

Honest Review of Carvly

I am tired of fake reviews

When I came across Carvly after reading a raving review I did my homework. I searched the web for more reviews.

The concept of Carvly is phenomenal. I was sceptical because the suggested content of delivery includes
  • Automating social media posts on all common sites
  • AI creates posts for you
  • Create landing pages with a few clicks
  • Create videos with a few clicks
  • Capture leads and valuable analytical information
... and much, much, much more ..

seemed to good to be true. You find only enthusiastic, positive reviews on the internet. 

You see. I am not against earning commission with product recommendations. After all you take the time and effort to nurture a site, buy and try the product. Or at least study it in-depths.

I am against recommending products you have not even tried and against fake reviews.

So back to the theory. You get commission for your work of testing a product and writing about it.

But ... more often than not it is impossible to find a honest review for a product. "Honest review" "The truth about ...." "Read first..." "Is xy scam" are the most overused terms of "marketers" who cannot be bothered to test the quality of the products they recommend to their trusting readers.

They often dominate the first page of google because they write their reviews before or right when the product gets released.

The Carvly reviews are fake

I am convinced that none of the reviewers has purchased the product. Here is why:

I am in bit a of a time crunch so I ask your forgiveness for potentially stuttering. I will do one take after testing Carvly for just 10 or 20 minutes.

I am not an affiliate marketer nor a social media person. For those who are here the first time: I am a coach who shares what he learns to run his business.

Normally, I would invest more time in figuring out how a software works. Join me and let's take a look at the first impression of Carvly:


Great concept


  • Hardly any function is working
  • Invalid SSL certificate + insecure scripts is not 2017
  • Tries to do a lot but is not great at anything
  • Nobody wants their leads stored on a site that does not use encryption

Conclusion: Do not buy Carvly

The product is not even in beta status. Invalid SSL certificates and insecure script is too 2009 for my taste.

I will just suppose that the functions that did not work will work and base my conclusion on the assumption I was just not able to figure out how to work the tool.

That said, I dislike a tool I cannot figure out, as I had no trouble figuring out how to work a ton of other products.

Carvly tries to cover multiple functions but is not great at any of it. Free and inexpensive tools are one click away that specialize and are good at the function they promise.

As I said in the video:  I am not concerned about the security of my data, but I would not want to have my leads stored with a company that is obviously not fantastic at implementing basic security and compliance.

Do only buy this if you know the developer and trust them to over time fix all of the errors and add functionality.

Broken functions together with mediocrity (if the functions would work) and invalid SSL/insecure scripts destroys every little bit of trust.

I wish Carvly the very best because it's a terrific idea and a great concept. Nobody minds a few bugs when a product is brand new. But at this point it should in my opinion not be up for sale.

Give Social Jukebox a try for social media automation. They have less reviews because they pay horribly little affiliate commission but I can recommend this product from my heart.

Read my review HERE

Also: Brand new on JVZOO are my products!!! YAY!!! Go and promote the products of a publisher who will not let your clients and readers stand in the rain. Click HERE

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Brain Entrainment Audio for Commercial Use

Seductive Offer for Online Businesses and Coaches

Did you ever watch a movie, presentation or advertisement and thought it's the music that entices, convinces, excites, thrills and seduces you? Even sells you?

Perhaps you have already looked at the prices of royalty free audio and were deeply disappointed about the generic stuff you could get at a high dollar.

I started a few years ago to create my own brain entrainment audio. Generic stuff is not good enough. My clients deserve the best - and so do I.

How about you? What if I told you you can own and distribute your unique, custom-tailored audio?

What would it mean to your clients, listeners and yourself if you could
  • Increase focus of your listeners
  • Help your clients to learn faster
  • Enable your clients to speed up their goal achievement
  • Create an atmosphere that multiplies what you are trying to convey
  • Perfect sometimes boring presentations with professional audio
  • Enhance your message/teaching

  • Treat yourself to high-quality sessions as individual as your requirements?
From faster learning to stress management, better sleep - brain entrainment is as unlimited as the power of your brain. 


I work with music optimized to enhance and complement brainwave entrainment. In certain limits, you can even choose the style you prefer (electronic, meditative, relaxing, mood ... ). You choose if the brain stimulation is subtle or dominant.

You even decide title and lengths of your very own 256Kbps (!) file!

And it's getting even better. How about adding subliminal messages?***

Please read the Disclaimer before listening to any kind of brain entrainment audio.

*** for full effect use headphones

Sample of 6 sessions from my latest album. 

What you can do with your audio

  • Use it for your projects (videos, presentations, podcasts) or training
  • Sell it to your clients
  • Bundle it with your product
  • Offer it as freebie

What you can not do 

  • Distribute the reseller rights

What will not happen is

  • That you pay a lot of money and end up with a "royalty free" piece used by hundreds or thousands of your competitors
  • That you have to compromise for an available piece that serves your purpose just ok

What you get

  • A 15 - 60-minute piece custom made MP3 to allow you offer value to your clients, make your presentations more compelling ...
  • Commercial license that allows you to use your audio for your projects and distribute it

When you get it

  • Delivery time is up to 4 days

5-minute sample

I bet that right now two hearts are beating in your chest. One is excited because it sees the value of such an individual unique track.

The other expects that a service like this must be very pricey and cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

It would be worth it. But I want to give every small business, solopreneur, and individual the opportunity to get their own track.

What are you waiting for? Right after the checkout you will be redirected to a questionnaire that collects all the info needed so you can own your custom track in a few short days!

Own the power of brainwave stimulating music now!

Choose your option

PS: Would you want to promote this offer and spread the love? Contact me or grab your link HERE

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Social Jukebox Review Tim Fargo

When I learned about Tim Fargo´s new project in 2015 I was not very excited. Another Twitter tool. Nice. The world needs more Twitter tools.

Just out of courtesy I tried the Beta Version (it was still called Tweet JukeBox). It is 2017 now and I am still a user of Social Jukebox.

Social Jukebox is not a Twitter tool anymore. It is now a social media tool, supporting the major networks.

Social Jukebox Review Tim Fargo

Review of Social Jukebox 

Those who know me know that I am not a social media person - never will be. But I love people and understand that social media is a way of connecting with them.

I am using Twitter maybe 5 minutes per week.

While some of Social Jukebox users have several hundreds of thousands of followers, I have "only" 2.300. Still an incredible amount for something who hardly uses Twitter.

What is more important to me than the number of followers is the amount of mentions and views on my profile. These are the clicks that lead to click-throughs - and that is what matters in the end.

Tim Fargo Forbes

Tim Fargo is an interesting personality. The classical dream story of someone who made it to the top, fell into a deep hole and came back from the dead. 

Actually, he made it to the cover of  Forbes with his Social Jukebox. Click on the picture to read the article. 

Tim Fargo Tweet Jukebox

To learn more about Tim, you can also look him up on Wikipedia. 

Social Jukebox Review

Social Jukebox Features


A jukebox is a collection of tweets. You can set up your own jukeboxes and use the jukeboxes of others. Players that are now household names have utilized this features, for instance brainyquotes, Neil Patel, John Maxwell,

Targeted Posts

Targeted posts is a feature that allows you to schedule certain posts for a campaign. You can choose that your tweets automatically get added to one of your regular jukeboxes.

Auto Schedule

The wonderful thing about this function is that - opposed to other solutions I have tried - you do not have to define a time for a tweet to go out. You set the number of times and when you want to post and the system automatically does the rest.


You are able to use the public libraries (tweet collections) of others or add your own to the library. This is in my mind the most important feature and unique selling point of Social Jukebox.


The analytic function provides details about the accounts that interacted with you as well as the number links have been clicked. Plusseveral more features.

Browser Extension

A browser extension is available. That has the advantage that you can post "once and done" tweets without automation.

Upload / Download

You have the option of uploading (or downloading) a series of tweets. That has the advantage that you can prepare them in an Excel sheet and save a lot of time and work (for instance, if you like me use the same hashtags for all of your posts).

"Thank you" tweets

This function is very popular for reasons that are beyond my understanding. Personally, I have unfollowed people for spamming my stream with 40 automated "thank you" tweets.

But for those of you who love them: Social Jukebox certainly offers this feature.

  • Intuitive interface, easy to use
  • True!!! automation 
  • Supports administration of several twitter accounts
  • Check for duplicate tweets
  • Public libraries are a unique and extremely useful feature
  • Supports LinkedIn and Facebook as well

  • I don't believe in the automation of  LinkedIn. Automated LI posts are annoying and easy to spot
  • "Thank you" tweets might cause people to unfollow (they can be turned off, though)


I have tried several other Twitter tools and found Social Jukebox the most effective for automating your Twitter work. 

"Free trial" is not good enough these days. Time is the most precious and limited good so that the question is: Is it worth your time? 

I say: Yes. Definitely.

You have seen above how Social Jukebox works for me with a time investment of about 5 minutes per week (excluding initially setting up my jukeboxes). 

Three of my juke boxes are available. Even though my fingers tickle, I will not post a link as this review is not supposed to be a pitch (but do message me if you would like to get them!). 

Where to try

A free trial (no credit card needed) is available HERE

Where to buy

Professional packs start at 19.99 (+ 2 months free if paid annually). You can sign up HERE

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