Friday, September 30, 2016

How to not be annoying on Twitter

Use of Twitter auto messages

A quick Twitter tip from my personal point of view:

I might be particularly sensitive to spam, but rest assured that there are others who feel just like me.

You know what I find surprising? Meanwhile, the only group of people besides porn stars I am not following back on Twitter are social media experts.

First off: It makes sense to automate Twitter to reduce the workload.

There are many social media experts with tons of know-how on the market. But it´s also a title (like Entrepreneur, Leader) that is trending and free to wear. Therefore, many brand new marketers call themselves "social media experts" right after they signed up to their first MLM (multi-level marketing).

That surely doesn't apply to all, but generally speaking, many social media experts, or self-proclaimed experts, are a severe annoyance on Twitter. 90% of them send an auto message with some link. The penetrant ones even start their message with "I have a gift for you." or post on your timeline.

How much credibility has someone who sends you his affiliate links right after you were kind enough to follow them back?

I use auto-reply too. I welcome everyone who gives me the honor of following me. I do not include links to any offer or link. I do not ask people to follow me on other social media sites.

That is because I understand that at this point I have not earned their trust and it is not up to me to demand or "sell" anything.

Hand on your heart. Did you ever buy anything from a link someone sends you in their welcome message? ... I didn´t think so.

So PLEASE don´t do it. Just put links to your sites on your profile. If you´re interesting or valuable, enough people will look.

Provide value to your audience first and if you have to send them your links once you have established a connection.

Let´s bring the "social" back in social media (:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

3 Essential Tools For Online Businesses

The tools mentioned below are either free or they offer a free and paid version. What they have in common is that they can help you run your business better.

In no particular order:


Buzzsumo comes in a free and paid version. The free version allows you to get valuable insights about your influencers.

You can see who shared your content, who engaged with it on sites like Facebook and Pinterest. Even though the amount of information in the free version is limited, it can help you to understand who is engaging with your content and which of your articles and photographs have the biggest impact.

I learned a lot about my readers, if you had asked me before using Buzzsumo I would have guessed that other articles are customer favorites.


You might already know Jeff Bullas´ tool set. Latest when you look at the site, you will recognize that you see his SumoMe on several (leading) websites.

Besides that they will try to get you to upgrade, most functions are accessible free of charge. The screenshot shows a few features.

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a pretty universal tool. SEO, Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Backlink Check, Page Analysis and much, much more.

In my opinion, Traffic Travis is not the No. 1 in any of this categories but that you get all of the functions in one tool for FREE is amazing and in a way makes it "no 1". They also offer a "Professional" version that, in all honesty, I have not yet tried.

Check out this video to learn more: Traffic Travis

Monday, September 19, 2016

Review of ConnectAudience Retargeting

ConnectAudience Retargeting Review

Wilco de Kreij´s Re-Targeting Email Tool

You have probably already played around with Facebook advertising.  You might have learned that it is a quick way to burn a lot of money for little or no results.

You probably also have noticed that the opening rates for your e-mail campaigns are going down. Part of the reason for that are the changes that e-mail providers are making, but the other part is that it's just not working the way it used to.

You might or might not have used Google´s retargeting option. So when somebody visited your website, you can present them with advertisements, customized advertisements, on other sites he visits. It had probably happened to you that you didn't finish the checkout process in an online store and when you went to Facebook you were suddenly presented with an advertisement for just that company.

The disadvantage of Google´s approach is that they are in control of the data and that you can upload your list - but you will never know who interacted or reacted in which way. Google stays in power and possession of the information that can make you lots of money. Unnecessary to mention that the bidding war on Google Ads makes this an expensive game to play.

Here is where ConnectAudience fits in.

What is ConnectAudience

ConnectAudience can be described as a next-generation e-mail marketing and retargeting tool.

  • synchronize your autoresponder into Facebook Custom Audiences
  • connect your Facebook Lead Ads to you autoresponder
  • run retargeting campaigns depending on how people behave on your website

You will have full control which kind of ads you want to present to which type of prospect. If someone clicked on your link, you could display different ads than to someone who didn't click on your link.

What is important for you to know, is that this tool is approved by Facebook. You do not have to be afraid that at some point in time they might close your account down like it can happen with all of the shady tools.

You are in control and possession of all of the valuable data.
Wilco de Kreij ConnectAudience

A friend of mine has been able to increase his profits by nearly 300%. He calls it "Facebook killer". The vendor talks about the increase in profits of about 234%. Results will differ depending on where you're coming from. This friend was not very good at email marketing to start with, so that I do not want to sound like I expect everyone to see an increase like that.

In this case, I will not post a pro and contra section because, in all honesty, if there are any contra I didn't find them yet.

Facebook advertising used to be inexpensive and effective - these times are over. Presenting targeted ads is the way to go. The engagement will be much higher than with the traditional approach, which further decreases your per-click costs.

I suggest you have a look at the Link where you will find case studies and videos - and if you can determine the negative aspect of this tool, please do let me know.


Where to buy

Currently, if you follow the link below you will find a time-limited special offer. In this case, the offer is truly time-limited (not the usual special offer that will still be there in a year from now) so that I suggest you do not wait for too long.

That said, it 's hard to talk about cost when your profit from e-mail marketing goes up dramatically while your costs for Facebook advertising will go down.

ConnectAudience Special Offer

Content Repurposing

When genius doesn't strike

Old posts made new

Content Re-Purposing. Make Old Content NewLet's face it; we can't come up with an ingenious article every day. Luckily, there are several ways of repurposing your content that not only help you over "those days" but also enables you to reach people that are not into reading blog posts.

Some people prefer to listen to a podcast or watch a video. Content repurposing can attract new readers to your site.

Depending on the kind of content you are offering there are many great possibilities of repurposing your content.

Here are some of the best ways to turn a rainy day around


The benefit of sharing a PowerPoint presentation on SlideShare is not as big as it used to be when SlideShare was deeply integrated with LinkedIn, but it is still an option that is highly ranked by Google. Turn some of your old content into PowerPoint presentations. You can add the link or presentation to your relevant articles, which will further help your rankings and make your post more interesting.

And let´s face it (and it bugged me through all of my business life): Even the most ridiculous nonsense looks intelligent and meaningful on a slide. Not that I am saying YOUR content is nonsense.


People are visual creatures, and I am sure that your content contains excellent information that can well be turned into useful quotes.  If you are lucky, you will even get a lot of shares when you use them on social media sites.


Have you learned something new since you first wrote your article? A good way to revive an old post is to add new information and then republish it with the current date.


Have you considered starting a podcast? Why not use rainy days to turn your popular articles into podcast episodes? As with the other examples, it allows you to reach new people that might like what you are doing.


Turn a clever statement of yours (from the day when genius did strike) into a shareable image. You can use a statement or a snippet of text. This pictures can be used on all social media sites as well as your blog. In my experience, people often share pictures, not only on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and such.

List of 16 sites that offer free pictures: HERE


If you are comfortable in front of a camera: Create short videos out of your most favorite content. Add the links to your post. Not only do videos rank very well, video sharing platforms are yet another source to appeal to people that do not read blogs and also deepen your connection with your existing client base.


This applies only if you have something splendid to share. Do you have something to teach that can help people with their businesses our lives? Can parts of your articles be used to provide immense value to your audience?

Suppose you have the material you should go ahead and create a webinar. A webinar is the best way to show your audience that you are willing and capable to help them out.

An additional benefit is that your list will grow in no time. Looking for the right tool? Look no further than HERE


Scan your most popular e-mails, your articles and anything else you might have done. Do you find enough material to put together an e-book? If so go ahead and produce it as soon as you can.

An e-book is another excellent tool to add lots of subscribers to your list.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Why Affinity-Based Social Networks Are Booming

Spanish Startup beBee takes America by storm. Why are so many writers, bloggers, companies and social networker leaving traditional networks?

beBee Aurorasa Sima

Why I left Facebook and use LinkedIn less

First of all: beBee is free. It does not have a "members recruit members" function. I feel it is important to mention that the only reason I am writing this hub is to share the joy.
Most of you who will be reading this are writers, blogger, and small businesses. While beBee is not limited to small businesses and hosts large corporations as well - as of today it is the only community where size or marketing budgets do not impact your visibility.
beBee made me happy. Social networking used to be a nightmare for me. After only a few weeks on beBee, I have met wonderful new people and learned that social networking CAN be fun - if it is social.

beBee is not in competition with LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, Twitter or any other network. That said, (you might have noticed it yourself) many of LinkedIn´s influential writers have left the site.
My motivation for social networking is to
a) promote my coaching business (emotional intelligence training, sales training, success coaching)
b) connect with wonderful people
c) Learn and share knowledge.

What is beBee

beBee is an affinity-based social networking site. That means that you can follow people and topics and connect with people that share your interest.
You have full control over your feed. It is not necessary to send connection- or "friend" requests to be able to follow a person.
Unlike sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, beBee is democratic and fair. LinkedIn appointed "Influencers" and if you are not one of them you might find it hard for people to find your posts. On Facebook, visibility is for sale.
The algorithm of beBee is more democratic and fair. If you produce quality content, you WILL be seen.
Business is about people. Business is personal. Because you share information on both, your professional and your private life and hobbies, you will be able to form meaningful and emotional connections quickly.
That said, the site is not "business only." If you just want to learn, read, hang out - you are as welcome.
I love the inclusiveness and positive atmosphere on the site. Even the grumpy people are more lovable on beBee. beBee welcomes white collar, blue collar - any collar.

About beBee

beBee is a Spanish site with meanwhile 11.6 Million users. It is fast growing and appears to be in the process of taking the US by storm. About 60k new US-based user join daily. Last week, beBee opened their office in New York.
beBee is designed to give users control over important features such as notifications, the type content they view, and how they interact with others of similar interests.- Javier Camara Rica, CEO beBee
CEO and Co-Founder Javier Camara Rica worked as a Consultant for Oracle and co-founded two companies (professional community and email system) that have been sold successfully.
Co-Founder and serial investor Juan Imaz has built companies from start-ups to multinational corporations since 1993.
The biggest difference I have noticed is that the people on beBee are very open, inclusive and communicative. The funny thing is that several people I am connected with on LI do not post a single post there, but on beBee they share content as if the world would end tomorrow.

beBee for Job Search and Recruiting

beBee offers all features of a professional and efficient job search free of charge. Advertisers can post three listings for free; corporate clients can choose inexpensive subscription options ($ 20/50 per month).
The advantage for job searchers is that the recruiter can get a realistic and authentic impression of the applicant, which results in less frustration for both parties.
beBee Recruiting Job Search

LinkedIn versus beBee

LinkedIn is an excellent professional network, and I am in no way suggesting to replace it. But is it the best tool to build your brand?
If you are a blogger, writer, or small business and have taken time and effort to publish Pulse articles, you were likely disappointed. Often, even your connections will not see your posts. How can you build a brand when nobody sees you? My like versus view ratio is perfect - just the number of views is too small.
Another annoyance is the relatively high amount of fake profiles and sales spam.
Currently, authenticity is trending. I teach people to increase their EQ, I should be happy, right? But what we are seeing on LinkedIn, and I find it highly annoying, is what I call "sales pitch revised".

"My grandmother has been attacked by 1233 monsters, she nearly died but then .." and so on. Followed by a sales pitch.
My LinkedIn feed is of low quality. I disconnect, I mute. I am connected to many people I would love to hear from. But they do not post. Because it is a professional network only and every "like" or "comment" shares the relevant post to your whole network, most people are very careful. Most do not post/comment and "like" at all.
I see more and more of "this belongs to Facebook" comments, math games and sales pitch after pitch. After pitch.
I have not looked for a job for ? years, so that I could not compare beBee and LinkedIn from the viewpoint of a job searcher.

beBee versus Facebook

I will admit, that I am not neutral when it comes to Facebook. I dislike it strongly. And I distrust it. My subjective and biased opinion (and I hope you have better experience on Facebook!):
Facebook is probably the ideal platform for people who want to hang out with friends and family. It is also the ideal platform for bots, spam, scam, and hate speech. And way too much salesy posts.
Facebook has a function that is similar to LinkedIn Pulse. In the current state, it is missing many features. The visibility of these notes is higher than the visibility of regular posts. But still not in the range that would make it worth spending your time and brain on producing valuable articles.
There´s another thing to keep in mind. Privacy. Not only does Facebook sell your data to their advertisers. Unless you are using a script blocker they also follow the sites you visit when you leave the site. A few days ago, WhatsApp announced that they also would share data about your user behavior, your connections, and your phone number with Facebook.

The number of fake profiles is so high on Facebook that I am worried about the data quality. I know a few advertisers who burnt a lot of money there without seeing the results you desired.
Maybe the ads and advertisement strategy they used was not perfect. But they do see results on LinkedIn and Adwords with the same strategy.

Unnecessary to say that many professionals and most managers do not have a Facebook profile. It does not have a job search / recruiting function.
beBee vs LinkedIn Facebook Xing



Affinity-based social networking is the future. beBee will represent Spain at Startup Europe in Silicon Valley in September. This train is already rolling and it is getting faster. If I were you I would join now, as long as they "just" have 11.8 Million members.
About 60k new people and companies sign up from the US each day. This number is also growing.
Other than building your brand and form meaningful business connections, beBee is as diverse as life itself.
Whether you´re a manager, salesperson, scientist, intellectual, cute cat pic lover, cookbook junkie - there is nothing you will not find on beBee.
Have a look at my profile (link below).

Thanks for reading and I hope we can connect on beBee