Monday, August 29, 2016

Facebook Alternative beBee? A Review

beBee vs Facebook

First off: beBee is not in direct competition with Facebook. 

In all honesty, I am not exactly sure about Facebook´s mission. If we say that it´s a platform to connect with your family and friends, Facebook wins. beBee, the affinity-based network, has a different mission.

I´ve shared some general info about beBee in "Linked in vs beBee" and my concern regarding the data quality and changes to privacy at facebook HERE.

Many people on Facebook use it in a different sense: 
  • Winning clients
  • Building a brand
  • Playing games

Sadly, these days one can get the impression that the site has become a huge playground for advertisers and spam. The huge number of fake profiles, bots, and scammers in addition to Facebook´s aggressive privacy TOS make some people start to distrust the site. 

Are you on LinkedIn too? How many times do you read "This post belongs on Facebook" in your feed? Facebook has become a synonym for low quality and unprofessional posts. 

Is that the right place to build your brand?

Problems with Facebook

Researchers have found that people feel happier once they leave Facebook. I will have to agree, I felt better after I left.

Part of the explanation is probably that people portray themselves in a positive light. They post about an ideal persona. That can make people feel lonely and unsuccessful. The other part of the problem is that - no matter if you agree with the content or not - the massive amount of negative messages has a negative impact on your brain. 

One-sided view
Facebook shows you more of what you "like". The problem is that you are starting to see a filtered view of reality. 

Facebook might have the highest amount of users (especially as they seem to be very accepting of fake profiles, and automated bot profiles) but the amount of scam and spam is hard to tolerate. 

Smaller pages have one severe problem: Basically, even people who liked your page often don´t see your posts. Facebook has a solution: Pay to show your own followers posts at a prominent position. If you are not willing to pay - for new pages and small companies it can be difficult to gain visibility. 

What is beBee?

    Facebook versus beBee review
  • Affinity-based community
  • Over 10 Million users in the first year
  • 40 K (number growing) US-based users join daily
  • Users are in control of the content they want to see 
  • High visibility
  • Meaningful interaction
  • Job-Search and Headhunter portal
  • ad-free, privacy breach free
  • no bot activity, hardly any spam


Depending on what you are trying to achieve, beBee might be a Facebook alternative or addition for you. 

Again, if you are looking to just connect with family and friends and do not mind the downsides of Facebook you might not be interested. 

If you are looking for genuine interaction, likeminded people, building your brand - this is the place to bee.

I moved. Have a look at my profile HERE

Thursday, August 25, 2016

WhatsApp To Give Phone Numbers To Facebook

Are you like me someone who rarely or never reads the "changes to our TOS." Well, maybe we should start reading them.

Facebook plans to increase ad revenue

Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for $ 22 Billion.

Facebook Alternative beBee?If you agree to the new TOS (if you don´t you´ll have another 30 days to do so) WhatsApp will begin to share information about your usage of the app as well as your phone number with Facebook. 

Currently, Facebook is losing a few ad clients and is looking for ways to increase revenue. I have sold data mining projects for six years of my life, and I am fully aware of the gigantic amount of information an artificial neural network can predict from what feels like a tiny bit of info you share. 

WhatsApp will not (and could not because of the end to end encryption) share the content of your messages with Facebook. Currently, they will not share your profile name or picture. That might change. 

The information about when you are most active and whom you communicate with will be used by Facebook to complete the detailed profile they already have about you. They then can use the information to show you targeted ads.

If you do not mind the amount of information you are sharing with Facebook - fine. Just be aware that the few pieces of data you are sharing lead to far more knowledge about you than you might think.

An order of a specific wine in combination with a purchase of music from a certain artist might allow someone to predict that there is an 80 % possibility that you are gay or maybe that you are likely to purchase a book about dogs next.

On the day you get Diabetes your insurance (supposed they are using Business Intelligence tools) can predict nearly exactly what your next diseases will be and when you will die. And most importantly from the viewpoint of that health insurance: What you will cost until the day you die. 

Facebook Data Quality?

When it comes to Facebook, I am not objective, and I will admit that. Every popular site has problems with bots, spam and wants to earn money. In my opinion, Facebook takes it to another level, though.

My coaching business is small, I am probably not even their ad-client target. Here´s a thought for those who are:

I am exaggerating here: Some days you can have the feeling that Facebook has become a community of meme posters, advertising clients, bots, hate speech, scam, spam, and fake profiles.

Mindless games, like for instance "Farm Ville" (Zynga) that is played by millions of people encourage their players (who often use a second profile so that nobody will see their game activity) to add tons of "neighbors" They are needed to advance in the game. Farm Ville is only one of many games with that principle.  Many gamers add hundreds of random people just for the purpose of advancing in games.

Obviously, there is no statistics available for: "How many games on Facebook make players click random strangers and create fake profiles". Just to give you an idea: Zynga's less popular game Poker has been played by 350 Million users (Source: Dean Takahashi, 2014) and Millions of users play it daily. This is not Zynga´s only game - and Zynga is only one of many producers who encourage people to use a second profile (as these games have a tendency to spam all of your friends if you are not very careful) and click random people.

I wonder ... what does that mean for the data quality? When advertisers pay tons of money to place ads that´s an important question, right?

The concept of making the owner of pages PAY so that people who "like" the page see the posts is ... well, it´s one where I can only wish Facebook best of luck.

Did you know that Facebook (unless you have a script blocker running or delete your cookies) follows you and sees which other sites you surf on?

Again, before you hand out your most precious possession, your data, make sure that you are fully aware of the amount of information you are giving out.

Facebook alternative beBee?

beBee is an affinity-based community. You could say that it takes the best of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and combines it with its own spin. It is not targeting LinkedIn. If you are in a position where you seek to connect with Top Management, like board members and such, you definitely want to use beBee as an addition. beBee offers employment ads. If you are looking for staff or a job you certainly want to check them out. 

How beBee works

People can follow each other and join what beBee calls "hives". Hives are groups that are focused on a specific topic or industry. What makes beBee unique is that people share their professional content as well as content about their hobbies and such. We talk about "authenticity" a lot. beBees concept is based on just that. What I have never experienced in any community before is that users actually READ your content (not just "like"). The amount of quality content and interaction is extremely high. 

The community is meanwhile 11.6 Million members large and growing fast. As of today, it is 99 % spam, scam and privacy breach free. I think I saw 2 MLM links and received 4 spam messages in the few weeks I am active there. 

Every site will analyze your data and your activity. Unlike Facebook, beBee shows no ads (as of today). Your data neither gets sold nor used for targeted marketing. beBee does not track what you do when you leave the site. 

I will write more about beBee in the next days, make sure to check back or sign up to my newsletter. 

Or ... if you like, have a look at my profile there: beBEE

I recommend that you hurry. As I said, the community is growing at high speed. As always - those who are there first will have an advantage and high visibility. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

5 Most Annoying Social Media Tactics

Please understand this as a humorous list, created with love. There is always a hint of truth in every joke, though. "How I deal" is merely an info on how I react and in no way to be seen as "social media advice".

So here is my list of the most annoying social media people (and I commit to exaggerating):

The Tag Spammer

This type is very common on Facebook - but all other sites as well. They post a picture of a sunrise. Nice. Who were they with? They tag about 300 people into the post. In the spirit of fabricating worthless social proof, half of the tagged people will comment and like the sunrise picture.

This type usually posts A LOT, preferably quotes, cute cats, and other pictures. Never anything he has written himself. He uses bots (automation) on all sites that allow it, even Facebook, LinkedIn ...

He considers himself an "influencer" and often offers his services. Seriously? Could I learn how to fabricate social proof by tagging?

Tagging is a useful function if you think your post is relevant to someone or if you have been with them.

How I deal: I disconnect. Firstly, the notifications about nothing annoy me. Secondly, this type does not interact, share or read your content. It´s a deadlock.

The #Guy

He does not #care if he is on #LinkedIn or any other place where #  have no #function. Readability is overrated. #hashtagthis.

He loves sites like Instagram.

How I deal: I keep them.

The negative nelly

Usually a brilliant person. The type we would generally love to hear from. Generally. He would deny and dispute that he is a negative nelly. He is not aware anymore that like a proofreader scans texts for typos and grammar mistakes, he is looking for a factual or logical error in every post he reads and something he can disagree on.

I am not sure if he is open to receive the goodness and wisdom from the posts he reads.

We love to learn about different viewpoints. People will not always agree. But if someone only leaves negative comments (which he would also deny and characterize you as "not open to constructive criticism") and just reads your posts to find something that is wrong with it .... it gets old quick. Fine is the line between feedback and unsolicited advice.

His posts are perfectly thought through, of intellectual value, and contain neither a logical nor grammatical error. There is no lightness in the way he goes about social media.

How I deal: I enjoy his posts, but I do not actively seek a connection. If I disconnect or not depends on his activity level. If I see 20 negative comments in a row, I will disconnect. Never block. His intentions are not evil.

The "Engagement Starter"

Never posts anything unique or puts effort into his social media work. Might post a bikini picture on LinkedIn to stir up controversy. Or post something like: "Tag someone who deserves it".  Feels indifferent about the fact that the reactions of your network to this post will spam your feed with irrelevance.

Because of the high level of interaction, the majority of social media sites will show this post before the posts with unique content someone spent time and energy writing.

Most of the time, this type shares nothing about themselves. They might ask you how you feel about something - they will not share how they feel about it.

It´s a numbers game. Will probably win a few new clients through the high amount of people who see the irrelevant posts. Will be considered a "social media wonder" after a short while. Because, sadly, this works. So does porn - everyone has to make their own decision who they want to be.

How I deal: Block. This type has no value. They are not social nor are they interested in genuine connection or interaction. This is my least favorite type of all. I will even mute people or disconnect if they constantly interact with these posts. Especially on LinkedIn, people do not seem to be aware that "This post belongs on Facebook" or "So inappropriate" shares the irrelevant post to their whole network.

The affiliate marketer

This type is bursting with enthusiasm. Pumped to the bone they sign up to a social media site and start posting links to a MLM (multi level marketing) system. Again and again and again. At the time when they sign up and start spamming, they still believe they will get their investment back - and make lots of money on top.

They do interact. They comment everyone´s posts with: Great info! Here is a link to a site that will make you rich like Dagobert Duck, Elvis Presley will return, and your hair will grow again.

They´ll click you on LinkedIn and if you click back you will receive this message:

"Thank you for connecting! Here is a gift for you: xxxxxxxxxxx."

If you´re having a bad day you can have some fun with him: Just ask him how much money he made from the "quick rich" system he promotes.

How I deal: I feel for them and smile while I softly disconnect. The pyramid schemes and MLM programs have excellent marketing and brainwashed him to believe that this will work.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

16 Free Pictures Sites For Bloggers / Writers

While I am searching for pictures of brains (so far without success) I was thinking that others might be looking for sources of pictures they can use as well.

Best of free stock photos

Here are my picture resources, in no particular order:

1. Unsplash

I would describe this site as artsy. Wonderful pictures, some very professional looking.

2. Refe Real Life Photos

The name says it all...

3. picjumbo

Free and premium membership.

4. Morguefile

Another huge collection. Not all pictures look professional. Lots of  "people" photos.

5. Pixabay

Images, vectors, and videos.

6. Death to the stock photo

Lovable, artsy, different.

7. Little visuals

8. Gratisography

Very interesting pictures. Great for articles.

9. Compfight

With search engine.

10. Splitshire

Very many professional looking pictures

11. IM creator

Curated. Also includes templates, icons ...

12. New Old Pictures

Vintage Photos

13. PhotoPin

Millions of creatives

14. Function

Smaller but nice collection. More than pictures.

15. Free High Resolution Photos

Receive 20 pictures per email when you sign up and more every Sunday

16. Dreamstime

By far the biggest site on this list. You can also sell your own pictures on there. Free and paid pictures (subscription).

Monday, August 8, 2016

Webinar JEO Review, Walter Bayliss

Webinar JEO Review, Walter Bayliss
Webinar JEO is probably the last of my series of webinar system reviews. I found my "weapon of choice".

Walter Bayliss is on the market for over 7 years now. He is an entrepreneur, software developer, and internet marketer. He used to offer "RunClick Webinar" - a webinar system based on Google Hangouts. After experiencing too many issues with the Google platform, he created an Amazon EC 2-based system.

What is Webinar JEO

Webinar JEO is a complete webinar solution. It supports
  • Live Webinars
  • Evergreen Webinars 
  • Replays / Recorded Webinars
Webinar JEO supports unlimited attendees and does not limit the number of webinar and replays you can run. The feature list is impressive and extensive training is included in the cost.

The argument that is being pointed out most is that the system does not run on Google Hangout basis. Walter Bayliss shares how he lost lots of money by using Google Hangout and that attendees suffer from an up to 60-second delay. He informs us how the delay kills every interaction during the webinar when someone has to wait a minute for a reply.

Personally, I did not experience any problem with a delay of a few seconds but I also never had more than 200 people on my webinar.

Webinar JEO Features

As mentioned you can run live webinars, recorded webinars, replays and hybrid webinars. Hybrid means that a recording plays but you can enter the live chat and interact with the people.

That is standard with all of the leading systems, meanwhile.

Features include

  • Polls 
  • Quizzes
  • 1-Click private chat
  • Live screen sharing
  • Quizzes
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Live Chat
This is pretty standard with the exception of the interactive whiteboard and the quizzes. The whiteboard is an innovative function. 

The sign-up, follow up and lead system is probably the best on the market right now. Webinar replays can be sent out automatically (only a few systems offer that right now) and obviously, Webinar JEO also offers all of the standard features like buy-buttons, sign-up templates etc. 

It is easy to set up and run, whereas I only came across two webinar systems so far that were complicated to handle. 

So far so good. One feature missing (see "contra"), two innovative and unique features and the rest is best-of-class. 

The good and the bad


  • Unlimited attendees
  • High-performance system
  • Tons of features to help conversion
  • Extensive (quality!) training included
  • Runs on Amazon (stable and performant)
  • Innovative new features
  • Excellent follow-up and autoresponder system


  • No automated chat (chat of live sessions gets played at your evergreen seminars or you can enter chat manually). Also, the "simulated attendees" function that especially new marketers love (imagine for first webinar only 2 people show up) is missing. 

Final Verdict

It is one of the finest solutions on the market with an impressive feature list.

Currently, the brand new release of JEO has one or two features more than WebinarJam/Everwebinar. The developers of WebinarJam are also busy, preparing the new release. If a product has similar features and pricing it comes down to the person.

Both come with INCREDIBLE training that offers far more than just training on how to run webinars.

JEO is a bit more "affiliate-ish". Or you could say salesy. For this, and only this reason, my choice is WebinarJam. What newbies might like is that it is possible to pay monthly for JEO; while WebinarJam´s fee has to be paid yearly. On the other hand, newbies might want to get their hands on the automated chat and attendee feature.

Where to get / Pricing

Currently, a pre-launch promotion is active. You can get Webinar JEO for $ 297 for a year (and lock in the low price) or $ 39 per month. Walter Bayliss states that the price will be massively higher after the pre-launch phase. Sometimes these statements are true, sometimes they only have the purpose of creating a false sense of urgency. In any way: If you are planning to offer webinars you MUST look at this one: 

Learn more or buy HERE

Thursday, August 4, 2016

AdSense Alternatives For New Blogs

"Your blog does not qualify for Adsense."

"Your account has been temporarily disabled/deactivated."

AdSense Alternatives for New Blogs
Your blog/website is new. No one wants you. What to do? Wait until you have 50 k visitors? No way!

Here is the thing with AdSense: There are thousands and thousands of complaints about AdSense out there. It seems that many do not get approved while others accidently did something that is against Google´s TOS. Whether it´s true or not, I can´t tell. Many people claim their account has been deactivated after they clicked their own ad accidently - one single time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Grow Your List With PLR

PLR stands for private label right. Someone produces a product (like an eBook, video training, etc.) and grants you the rights to sell it. It is not branded - you can put in your link, address, logo. Most PLR products come with a lot of extras, for instance, articles, that you can use for newsletter and such.
Review of NitroWealth Aurelius Tjin

That can definitely be interesting. The "good" vendors deliver everything you need to set up your sales page (sales page, graphics, additional bonuses). Depending on the supplier and regulations of the particular PLR product you might be granted the right you find resellers to sell the product for you. In that case, it is called MRR (master resell right). 

Until you are ready to create your own freebies, this is the best way to go about it. Like myself, you might decide that what you have to offer is best put into a product - not a freebie so that you might continue to use PLRs.

PLR as giveaway for list building

As discussed in earlier articles, as a new online marketer your challenge will be to create a loyal list of subscribers that you can promote your links and products to. PLRs are an ideal way of generating new sign-ups. How many times have you given your email address away to receive a freebie? Exactly. 

It is best to offer more than one freebie or at least to switch the giveaway from time to time. 

Psychology of Buyers

A quick side remark: PLRs are not best-of-class works. Most are awful; some are ok or even good. And that is enough. 

You see, rarely someone looks into free stuff. People want it, but people do not value it. They store it somewhere on their PCs, together with the other free pdf´s they are not reading. And if they do: Their expectation is not as high as it would be with paid content. 

Still, your reputation is on the line, and you have to be prepared for the rare case that someone actually reads your freebie. 

Problem with PLR

I´ll be honest with you: The quality of the overwhelming majority of PLRs is ... beyond. Terrible does not even start to describe it. Many or even most vendors cannot even be bothered to use the auto-corrector function that every word processing program offers in 2016. 

2016 is a good point. Many of the PLRs are from ancient times. Especially when it comes to social media advice, internet topics and such you are at risk of making a fool out of yourself if you happen to use one of the dinosaurs. 

Some vendors deliver incomplete content. They might provide an HTML site, but you soon learn that unless you can code you will not be able to integrate your payment button. 

The list goes on ... but let´s focus on the good things. You probably guessed that I would not write this article unless I can share one of the best PLR solutions with you. 

NitroWealth Review, Aurelius Tjin

I recommend NitroWealth. Why? PLR do not have to be pieces of art. But as mentioned before they have to be good enough to support your case of building a relationship with your new subscriber. 
Grow your list with PLR

Use PLR to grow your list

NitroWealth Aurelius Tjin

Here is why I love NitroWealth
  • Focused on the topics that sell. Weight Loss/Health/Nutrition; Internet/Marketing/Social Media; Self Help. 
  • Current and complete content. You get every single little thing you need to sell the item and tons of bonuses on top. The content has not been written in 1998 but is brand new. 
  • Good quality. A PLR will not earn you an MBA. But NitroWealth delivers quality content that supports your case and can be sold without feeling guilty.
  • All the rights you need. Some vendors do not allow to give their work away for free or below a certain sum. You can give all of the NitroWealth PLR away for free, for a cent - however, you want.
  • Contains blog posts, autoresponder sequences, articles and often videos
  • Professional, competent and fast customer service. 
  • Extremely affordable. 
  • 3 module packages offer rich content on all three money-making topics. Whether you want to ensure that you have something to offer for everyone or whether you have several websites - everything you need is in this worry-free pack. 

How to get NitroWealth

NitroWealth delivers a fresh set of PLRs every single month. It´s a worry-free package and saves you not just time but also $. 

The three pictures in this article only show a part of what you are getting. 

The first month is available at just $ 1. Seriously. In 10 minutes you can be ready to either offer your freebie to new subscribers or make money by selling it. 

After that, the cost is $ 10 per months. That is as cheap as it gets for complete quality content. Easy cancellation at any time. No hurdles, no questions asked. 

You could get the full package for a dollar, download it and cancel. That would be shortsighted and a bit sneaky - but possible. 

Get it HERE

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Build my List Review, Jimmy Kim

Jimmy is one of the cool kids. The kind you want to hang around with. He is also one of the knowledgeable kids.

This review is evaluating the person as much as the product. Obviously, I am a member of the program. Sadly, most reviews are written by individuals who .... let´s say: work on assumptions.

Review of Build My List, Jimmy Kim

What is Build my List? It is
  • training
  • a product
  • a method
  • a concept and
  • a community
All new online entrepreneurs soon learn: They know what they want to promote, but they have no one to promote it to. Especially in the beginning, a blog just does not cut it. 

BML addresses and solves this problem. Step by step it teaches online entrepreneurs how to grow massive lists. It provides not just the knowledge but also the tools. Tons of bonuses complete the product. It even includes three months of free email automation. That is more than enough to get you started and keep your expenses low while you grow. 

Here is a screenshot from the member portal:

You will find hours of training in your member portal as well as information on every single step you need to take. One of the many bonuses is a PLR (private label right) eBook that you can use as a freebie right away to grow your list. 

Especially new online entrepreneurs often do not have enough knowledge to put together an eBook of their own (which I would recommend for a later time though). 

By now you will probably think: "Gosh, it´s one of the two k programs again ... I don´t have 2k right now."

Well, it´s not. Rest assured. 

Who needs BML?

In my opinion every beginner in the business and anyone who does not have a list with as few as 10 k subscribers. 

Another factor about being your own boss is that many miss their colleagues. It can get lonely out there. Or better: In there (if you work from home). 

I also strongly recommend it to anyone who just functions more efficient in a motivated, supportive community. The FB group of BML is extremely active and whatever question you might have - you will get an answer within minutes. Often by Jimmy himself. 

The good and the bad

  • Step by step approach teaches you to play in the big leagues
  • Extensive deliverables
  • Very active community
  • Excellent pre- and after-sale support
  • Incredible pricing. The bonuses alone would be worth about ten times the cost of the whole program

  • Once he has you on his list, Jimmy will relentlessly try to upsell you to other products (;
  • Only available in English
  • Digital downloads only

Final Verdict

When I started with Jimmy my list was about 200 people. Two short weeks later I was already at 1,6 K. The charm is that the knowledge and skills you learn will be yours forever. 

Give this one a try. As always: 30 days money back guarantee. 

Where to buy

You can buy or just grab a free eBook that will be helpful in itself HERE

Let me know your results with BML!

PS: I launched my first product a few days ago. Jimmy told me he would promote it only after I showed him a great EPC. Jimmy, Jimmy ... I thought you were a visionary. A pioneer. Well, he is not. But maybe you are? If so click HERE