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Everwebinar + WebinarJam Review

One of the best Webinar Systems

I loved Everwebinar a lot. Sadly, I had to leave after a few weeks for a reason that probably does to you: I was not able to add javascript to my sign-up page. My affiliate tracking worked with javascript so that in consequence I was not able to track the sales of affiliates.

Most affiliate tracking systems work differently so that this probably does not apply to you. In that case, you should give Everwebinar / WebinarJam a close look.

WebinarJam is the Live Webinar System of the same company that produces Everwebinar. Therefore, the integration is seamless. More about WebinarJam later.

Everwebinar Review

Everwebinar is the best Evergreen option I have tried. I did not try Infusionsoft, which  I guess (at the price for a month what the expensive alternatives cost per year) could be even better.

I will not focus on standard features lists - first of all, you can see them on their site anyway and second of all it´s boring. I will mention if I disliked any standard features or if they were missing.

Things like: accessible with tablets, mobiles, different browsers, customizable template, etc. in my opinion, do not have to be mentioned.

The functionality is comparable to stealth seminar. The system comes at a way lower price and with way better support.

While the limit with stealth seminar is 100 webinars per month (that might sound a lot, but it´s not if you use "webinar on demand" or replays. The customer service at stealth service was horrific, after asking three times (twice per email and once per chat), the owner - who sent useless replies personally but never answered my simple question -  I gave up. They did not tell me what happens after the 100th webinar .... can you pay for more? Is it over for the month? Will clients see a "sorry this broadcaster has reached his limit, come back next month"?

Back to Everwebinar. The good and the ugly:

The good

  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Unlimited participants (one person said over 900 people the resolution goes down but I guess over 900 members is a problem most of us would love to have)
  • The number of attendees can be suppressed or ... faked. If you ever wondered how that one vendor gets hundreds of people in each of his webinars - many of the larger vendors are clients of Everwebinar - there were probably fewer people in the room. That feature is very handy if you are brand new and have two people at your first webinar. 
  • Chat ... You can add you own chat, and you can add the chat of each webinar to your next webinar. Over time, you get an impressive chat roll. 
  • You can choose the following options: Chat (live or your texts or both), "Ask a question" (that is sent to your email) or you can suppress both options. 
  • Webinarbot can show your offer at the time of your choosing. Or announcements, texts ... 
  • Live / Hybrid / Automated Webinars. Meaning: You can broadcast live, you can broadcast a recording but still be there and handle the chat or you can go to the beach and have yourself a nice day
  • Good support. The support is way over average. 
  • Extensive training material. 
  • Active community on Facebook 
  • The BEST statistic function I had with any of the 12 solutions I tried. I miss that. You can export every bit of information conveniently for follow-up and analysis
  • You do not have to record a live webinar to be able to automate it - you can start with a movie from the beginning on (many solutions like for instance "Run a Webinar" do not offer this).  Run A Webinar Review
You might tell from my tone: I was morose I had to leave. Such a great team of people and as you can see above: Great list of features. 

The ugly

  • Sign-up page can be customized, but you cannot use your own and therefore
  • Javascript cannot be added. You can integrate Google Analytics and HTML - but not javascript
  • Download your chat before you switch to "ask a question". You can upload your chat (commata separate CSV), but if you do not download your chat before you change the option, for instance because you cannot be there on that day, you will lose it. So: download it and upload it later when you switch back to chat. 
Well, that was it. I cannot think of anything else negative. They immediately refunded my money and even agreed to keep me online for another few days, until my last scheduled webinar. Also, they did not kick me out of the Facebook group. 

I will keep an eye out for news and potentially go back there. Oh, and here is one piece of advice that seems so logical one should not even mention it. But I learned it the hard and painful way. Do not ... I repeat ... do NOT set your youtube video to "private"...(it still hurts). 

My current solution is not as good as Everwebinar - but tracking the sales of joint venture partners has to have the highest priority. 


Besides the unlikely case that you require javascript on your sign-up page you should DEFINITELY give this a try. They are serious about the money back guarantee (no hassle), and it is by far the best out of 12 webinar solutions I tested. 

Currently, there is a special promotion where they offer Everwebinar for just $ 297 for a whole year (I paid $ 497 and still thought that was an incredible price for the worth I got). 

Get it HERE

Make sure you use my "customer tells customer" link to get your discount (currently on both, WebinarJam and Everwebinar!)

Only if you have no intention of showing your face during the webinar and are planning to work with slides, you should have a look at the inexpensive "Meeting Burner".
MeetingBurner Review

WebinarJam Review

WebinarJam is a terrific live webinar solution that is built on google hangouts. They offer a free 90-day version. That makes it a no-brainer to try it. My guess is: You will stay.

If you are looking for the optimal solution to offer live events - you found it.

We can make this short: I did not find a single thing I was missing, or I disliked. Some people say that Google hangouts and youtube have a delay - I did not notice any delay worth mentioning. I would not know of a single function another vendor is offering that is not included in WebinarJam.

The training "Marketing Genesis" that comes with it is ingenious. I will go through it in the next month before my trial ends. Even if you are not in the market for a webinar solution right now: Get your 90-day trial, the (general) marketing training is worth it!

On their website, they have the full list of features that speaks for itself.

The support replies within hours - I was very happy with the quality of answers.

Check Webinar Jam out HERE

Getting Serious About Social Media

Why Killem FTW is my favorite crazy kid

I´ll admit it openly. I am not good when it comes to social media ... you are just better at things you love.
KillemFTW Gummybear Challenge

Someone who rocks social media and loves it is British Killem FTW. I am not sure if you would call it a subculture or zeitgeist - there is a new profession no headhunter is recruiting for.

Not with the same and quick level of success like Killem FTW (that stands for "Kill´em for the win"), but many people meanwhile make their living on YouTube.  A few, like the famous Markiplier, have success with more "serious" films like game reviews and walkthroughs, but a growing number of people make their living from what can be called exhibitionistic fun-masochism.

I just made this word up, but it hits the nail in my opinion.

It might not seem that harsh when you look at the first picture that shows the kid attempting to eat the largest gummy bear in the world in under a minute.

KillemFTW was able to generate a following of about 120K on his main channel on youtube. 46K followers on Twitter, he is also active on Snapchat, etc. The level of genuine engagement with his posts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is ginormous. Meanwhile, he sells his merchandise and can monetize on adds and such.

Real Entertainers

On the first look, one might think that it does not need a lot of skills to torture oneself with ghost peppers, cinnamon, etc.

The number of interaction, loyal followers, and subscribers proves this thesis wrong. Most people never generate a lot of views and even less loyal followers. Naturally, funny videos will always have more views than sales presentations.

The job is real entertainment. Some of these guys are skilled and could probably be successful in conventional entertainment roles as well.

The job is not as easy as it might seem.

KillemFTW Challenge

YouTube is getting more and more competitive and to stand out you have to have great ideas and ... even better pain-management.

Some of the challenges I could imagine one has in this job include
  • controlling expectations of viewers for continuously going farther and resisting the own urge of consistently showing even extremer challenges
  • competition from other YouTubers
  • coming up with innovative ideas that are both: fresh and unique enough to keep it interesting but at the same time hit the zeitgeist and trending "challenges."
  • finding the right settings and sometimes rare items
I mean .. I am not the target group. I am disgusted by any form of vulgarity, violence and one would think I am too old to enjoy silly senseless pranks and stunts. Personally, I could not watch half of the videos because they are too vulgar or extreme for my taste.

The age thing... on a side note: I never understood why people put an age on things. Why does society expect us to listen to uncool music as soon as the bell rings 40? Or why does the butcher think we do not enjoy the free slice of sausage as soon as we are 15. Stupid!

I do watch some KillemFTW clips from time to time, and he never fails to entertain and make me laugh.

Some of my favorite work:

He created a "3 Guinness World Record" Challenge. He attempts to beat three silly world records, and there is a (bitter) forfeit if he loses. So far he lost all challenges.

Most challenges are plain dangerous, gross and stupid - but some are a lot of fun.

My personal favorites are often the "easier" challenges like for instance one of his less successful videos -  his one-year anniversary video in which he does his first four challenges in one:
  • eating a ghost pepper
  • eating a whole onion
  • eating a teabag full of tea
  • eating cinnamon

Perseverance, determination

It is easier once you have the first 10K or 100K followers and receive tons of feedbacks. KillemFTW had a hard way to where he is now. He did a few things right:
  • Authenticity and vulnerability make him very likable and people quickly feel connected
  • He kept delivering content regularly - even when nobody seemed to appreciate his movies for the longest time. He did it right: Delivering a bit of content consistently and keeping in touch with his ... whatever you call them. I guess "client" does not hit it. In their faces all the time but not that much that it´s annoying
  • Collaborations - he teamed up with other crazy people or involved some of his family and his girlfriend
Whatever you sell: Whether you spray ghost pepper on your eyeballs and jump out of your window in a container full of balloons or whether you are responsible for M&A: Perseverance, authenticity and the ability to create instant connection are the traits of winners. It helps if you love what you do.

As we all know, there is no such thing as something you always love doing. And that´s the last indispensable trait of a winner: Discipline.

And that one sentence is probably better advice than most of the "social media hacks" and sh.... I keep reading.

Where to find out more

If you are in for the laugh and the entertainment or if you want to see how someone created numbers of followers and genuine interaction most of us can only dream of ... check him out here, there and
And his store:

As you know ... this is my side blog that has no other purpose than sharing things I have learned while growing my coaching business and allowing myself to reflect on whatever crosses my mind. For some reason, this side blog has quite a lot of visitors and if some of you discover KillemFTW - I will be happy for him.

This article is just my observation as a 46-year old. There is no real point to this article, no morale or teaching.

Beside maybe: If you are serious about social media you better get serious.

Until next time, people.

Oh, and, hey: Have a look at my new training - shares and attendance will be much appreciated (;

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List Building Opportunity - Personal Development

The List Building Event of the Year!

The best reward is helping as many people as possible to a better life. To be able to help people we must reach them first. 

Aurorasa Sima Project Phoenix

I don´t have an event picture so I will just add one of myself as I am joining this event to promote my Emotional Intelligence Training (;

If you are in the personal development sector or offer a service related to it you cannot miss this list boosting event: 

15,000+ Targeted Subscribers Viewing YOUR Offer? JV With Me NOW...

Dr. Joe Rubino and Carolyn Hansen just unleashed the flood gate on their Healthy,
Wealthy and Wise Gifts 6 list-building launch. For anyone who is serious about growing their lists and helping lots of people this is the must-be event. 

The event is free and you can post your freebie without charge. Upgrade options allow you to post up to 3 gifts and gain better visibility. IF you want. 

Last year free members averaged 500 - 600 new subscribers. 

The people who used the upgrade options were able to add thousands of subscribers to lists. How many depends also on the quality of your gift. 

Yes - 1000s!!!

You can join FREE Here: JV

The site opens to members on June 3rd at 10 AM EST, but hundreds of vendors are going to see your offer right now. 

I have already grabbed a few gifts for myself. 

Over $10,000 in Sales Contests, Prizes and Incentives make this a no-brainer!

Check the details HERE

To me the most important thing is to reach more people that I can help to a better life. But if you are interested in the monetary side: The prizes are more than attractive - check them out on the site. 

Imagine this like a free solo-ad to potentially over 15K people. Of if you upgrade imagine it as 3 solo adds for 70 Dollar to thousands and thousands of people!

I have already signed-up - you might see my offers as soon as you click the link. 

Here's To Your Summer of Success! Make sure you tell your friends - who doesn´t want more people on their lists without spending a fortune or going through the hassle of finding a reliable solo-ad partner?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

RIP Amazon - I once loved you

Amazon is going down

For many years, Amazon was my favorite company. Best customer service, best assortment, best prices, fastest shipping - best everything.

They seemed to take the growth step from a medium to a huge company effortlessly.

Not anymore.

Amazon now sucks like a Microsoft, Comcast or any giant company who has been seduced by its monopolistic market power.

Not learning from history they repeat the mistakes other huge companies made. For a company that size, it can take years until it becomes visible on the market that karma bit back.

Just look at Microsoft. "MicroWHO?" would any millennial say. While the mobile age arrived and Microsoft was busy trying to force their desktop products on us and celebrated bad customer service like it was its 100 anniversary they overlooked who really has the power.

They are irrelevant to the millennials, the mobile generation. Good luck with the bing users. Those  few who lack the technical knowledge to replace bing with a decent search engine. Giving (and forcing) away the newest milk cow for free might secure some market shares in the desktop market. And companies take longer to replace, test and implement new software.

Now Amazon is doing it too.

They outsourced customer service to the far-away land where nobody gives a damn. It´s about cutting and pasting something not even faintly related to the customer inquiry - not customer satisfaction or solving a problem.

Sadly, companies never seem to realize how expensive bad customer service is. Returning clients are the cheapest acquisitions. New clients are more expensive ... but clients who left because a company sucked? Very expensive.

A while back one of the competent Amazon customer service agents could solve a problem with one call. Now you have weeklong forth- and back with several agents. Some even speak some form of English ... or Indlish. Is that really cheaper???

The number of forced unwanted crappy apps on their hardware seems to be growing by the minute. Alexa can´t even see Siri´s face from down there where she is standing with her limited voice recognition capabilities.

They made their fire phone and the newest tablet generation jailbreak-safe (for now). Every day I delete "The New Yorker" and every day amazon forces it on my device again. What do you think, Amazon? I reward that with buying a subscription to the New Yorker??? More than half of the first page of the current Kindle fire generation is full of unwanted applications.

When I have the choice between bad customer service and bad customer service with more applications and faster updates .... I´ll be back, google. Just waiting for "Kindi 4" to break.

I found someone on Craiglist who missed the sign of times and gave me 120 for my Fire phone. I felt officially like a gangster.

For the longest time, Amazon managed what most giants failed to do: Managing growth, keeping innovative and customer friendly.

Goodbye, Amazon, I will miss you for what you once were.

New players will enter the market. They will be more customer friendly, more innovative and flexible. And there´s life in the old dogs yet. But not in you.

While Apple has the intelligence to form strategic relationships (SAP, IBM); MS is the excellence of OEM; so that they can afford p.... clients off - who´s your strategic alliance, Amazon?

Taking them on all at once, aren´t you? The clients, the google, the apple - and the laws of the market. You can be proud on what you achieved until you became common, Amazon.

I loved you, Amazon. Goodbye. I won´t throw a stone when I see one of your drones deliver a 12-hour parcel sometime soon.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Why Apple Watch is underrated

A functionality review of Apple Watch

Apple Watch Functionality ReviewI have to admit it: When I first read about Apple watch I posted something ugly like: "Great, now you can spot idiots from a mile away." In my defense: The article stated it would cost $ 5000.

Sometimes I still try to cover it, but that is silly if you think about it. Before that, I was wearing an Omega Constellation. Apple watches start at $ 300 (on Amazon right now) which is very cheap for a watch.

A lot has been said about the technology, and as you know, I am not technical at all. I want to share the kind of information I would be looking for before making a buying decision.

It´s not a complete feature list but just of list of features why I love the watch.

I will share with you how I am using my watch and why it, in my opinion, is one of the best gadgets ever invented:

Music Player

For the longest time, I secured my IPod, cell phone or with the strap of my bra. I don´t need to tell you that this is not an optimal space. But there was not other solution when I wanted to walk around. The super small players did not offer the kind of storage space I need.

I do not own a music player anymore. My watch connects to my phone and my Bluetooth headset allowing me not only to stream my music, but I am also connected to my Amazon Prime music, TuneIn Radio, iHeart radio - you name it.

It´s easy to change the track, source, or loudness on my watch and for that feature alone the Apple watch would be worth it to me.


Like how rude is it to look at your phone in meetings? It´s SUPER RUDE, isn´t it. How about a quick glance at your watch. Or even just lifting your arm (you can always pretend you need to scratch your forehead).

The other thing is: Most emails are not worth it to unlock your phone and look at them. How handy that you can quickly check on your watch who is writing to you. I have the sound off so that I just feel the vibration when an email comes in.


When using an IPhone for navigation your watch will also tell you when to take a turn and such. I like this feature. I am hardly using my Garmin anymore.

Siri Universal Genius

Well...we all know Siri - no need to introduce him. By pressing the button on your watch, he is at your service.
"Siri find a restaurant nearby."
"Siri navigate to the restaurant."
"Siri can you beatbox for me."

Internet searches, writing a text message - the full power of Siri is at your service without the need of getting your phone out, unlocking it, etc.

Kitchen Timer

I even own an Amazon Echo - still I prefer my watch to set timers. A function I use very often. The more services Amazon is adding, the less it understands me. Echo and I had a few screaming duels - it´s beyond annoying if he keeps misunderstanding.

Let´s not kid ourselves: Apple is the master of voice recognition. 


I guess I have a weather app on my phone. I have never used it. When I looked up the weather, I did so on my computer. 
How nice to see the current temperature on my watch and get a weekly forecast with a tip of my finger.  

Answering and making calls

How is the quality of your car speakerphone? Did you ever talk to someone who did not complain? I always seem to have a hard time understanding when someone has me on a loudspeaker. Me as well as others calling me while driving end up taking our phones in our hand. 
Not allowed in most countries.

I am not saying that the quality of calls made on your watch is better. But it´s more fun. Not just while driving - there are many occasions (i.e. shopping) where I am glad I don´t have to take out my phone to answer a call.

Text messaging

Nothing beats the ease of pressing a button on your watch and read a text or have Siri answer a text or write a new one. 

Sport and Health

For many people, these are important features. I sometimes check how my heartbeat changes in certain situations - but just for the fun of it. 

I am not using the fitness part of the watch very much, but many people say that it helps them to get motivated and stay on track with their workout. 

There are apps around that allow you to take your blood pressure, and your watch can deliver a lot of data to sophisticated health apps. 

What else

So this are the features that make this watch so important to me. There are also a few games around for the app, newsreaders but with the tiny screen, it´s pretty much useless and just eats up battery power. 

Many CRM companies and also Microsoft and Google offer apps for the watch. You do not need to be in an "Apple world" to receive calendar reminders, access to your contacts and such. 

Why is Apple watch not successful?

I can only guess that other people feel like myself. To read about the features does not convey at all how much you are going to use and love them. 

People think that it is expensive. I feel it´s a steal for all it does. 

If you want to give it a try, my suggestion is to get it from Amazon where you can easily return it and get it at the best price HERE.


I like this feature. As you can see, I chose a simple "face" that shows me the current temperature, date, battery status and fitness info. Maybe you would prefer to see your appointments of the day or something else.

You can also chose any picture you like as the basis. Even a zombie hamster. 
Apple watch is underrated

Apple watch review

Apple watch good and the bad

Interesting applications

There are also some fascinating applications. To pick out one: The music group Massive Attack offers a free music app for Apple Watch. It contains some unreleased tracks and reacts (changes) a) to your heartbeat and b) to the time of the day.

What I don´t like: 

  • I would love the battery to last longer than about 30 hours (with my heavy use). 
  • When I call someone with my watch, the number comes up as "anonymous." 
  • You hate spam even more when it arrives as close as at your arm.
  • As always with Apple - you cannot delete the stock apps. I don´t want a market tracker on my arm. That said: If I were investing in shares, I would appreciate my watch keeping me updated.
Want to try one? Grab it HERE