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Stealth Seminar Review

Stealth Seminar Review

Good - Expensive - Horrific

Stealth Seminar is one of the most professional webinar software I have evaluated. This software can integrate with basically every CRM system and email system you can imagine.

That is good. It is more expensive than for instance Everwebinar that offers a similar amount of sophisticated features, but you have the advantage that you can pay monthly. Everwebinar requires you to pay for a full year.

As they say: You get what you pay for. The product is near perfection from a feature point of view.

A show stopper for me was - and it might be for you - that they limit you to 100 webinars per month. That might sound like a terrible lot to you now - but I have asked the support who has confirmed that every replay counts. Let´s say you have 2 regular webinars per week = 8. Leaves 92. Let´s hope you will get more than 92 people per months to sign up for your replay or your webinar on demand, right?

Even after asking three times and receiving replies from the owner himself they did NOT tell me what happens after the 100 webinars. My assumption is that it´s over for the month then. That is the "horrific". Again, this is only my assumption, as I was not able to get an answer.

If you are planning to run Evergreen Webinars you might want to check upfront.

Now enjoy the list of reasons this is my tool of choice and the absolute Number one:

Review of Stealth Seminar

Stealth Seminar offers all basic functionality every other tool offers as well. Let´s look at some highlights and unique features:

Free Webinar School

Stealth Seminar provides comprehensive training on how to run your webinars and grow your list. I have not found a similar offer. Others offer blogs or video training as well - but not in this quality. This is a course I would pay for.


Where to start.....let´s make it simple: It integrates with every CRM, Landing Page, Email automation. Seriously.

Only Hybrid Webinar System on the market. 

To me one of the most convincing features. You can run a webinar live, in autopilot mode (while you´re at the beach) and in hybrid mode. Hybrid mode means you can run a recorded webinar, but you are there to answer the live questions.

Bulletproof Autopilot

Most solutions are not very convincing at pretending you are watching a live show. In example if you refresh your browser the "live webinar" might start from the beginning. If you click pause and walk away for a few minutes, the webinar will continue where you left off.
Stealth Seminar´s approach might even fool the paranoid.

Chat Review system

Block nasty people from the chat without them ever knowing. You can review chat entries and decide if you want to publish them. Another unique feature is that Stealth Seminar stores your chat log. With every replay, more conversation is added making your event look really busy.

Speaking about busy:

User System

How many people do you think will join your first events? And how many will actually comment? Might get pretty lonely out there, right? That was one of my biggest fears. How silly am I going to look if only 17 people join?
Stealth Seminar has a fake it ´til you make it function allowing you to simulate users which will also give you a social media boost.

Mac World

The other tested tools were compatible with iPhones, Pads, etc. too. But this one runs like a charm. It´s not "compatible with" it has been programmed for. I do not know about you - the number of my buyers that use IOS is larger than 60 %.


The autopilot function is just perfect. Upload your file and let the system handle everything else. You can even turn your audio seminars (mp3) into an automatic system with just a click.

Stealth Seminar is packed with unique features. I might list 13 that are important to me and not mention the two features the product offers that you care about. Check for yourself: HERE

Now let´s talk about the negative points:

I just found one, but it´s not a nice one. They do not offer a free trial. I had to commit right away - so will you.

Where to buy / Price

They offer a 30-day money-back-guarantee. The first month is free, but you have to pay an initial fee (one-time) of $ 97 in any way. You can buy HERE

150 Person Capacity Starter Account (up to 100 events a month) This allows you to host up to 100 webinars a month with up to 150 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $69.95 monthly fee
300 Person Capacity (up to 100 events a month) 
This allows you to host up to 100 webinars with up to 300 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $135.00 monthly fee
500 Person Capacity (up to 100 events a month) This allows you to host up to 100 webinars with up to 500 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $220.00 monthly fee
1,000 Person Capacity (unlimited events a month) This allows you to host unlimited webinars each month with up to 1000 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $420.00 monthly fee
2,000 Person Capacity (unlimited events a month) This allows you to host unlimited webinars a month with up to 2000 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $800.00 monthly fee
4,000 Person Capacity (unlimited events a month) This allows you to host unlimited webinars a month with up to 4000 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $1250.00 monthly fee
If you are serious about earning money via webinars, get Stealth Seminar HERE

Or check out the budget solutions with fewer functionalities:
Run A Webinar Review
MeetingBurner Review

And check out the solution with comparable functionality and SPLENDID support:
Everwebinar Review / WebinarJam Review

Just do yourself a favor: Check the feature lists and calculate how many of your product you have to sell to make up for the monthly fee. Go Big HERE

Run A Webinar Review

Inexpensive, scalable webinar software

The number 2 of my webinar solution evaluation goes to Run A Webinar. This could well be the most affordable scalable solution you will find on the market.

Based on Amazon´s S3 (not google hangouts) you can hold meetings with an unlimited amount of guests. Amazon is said to be more stable.

Webinars can be automatically recorded. The only reason this product did not make it to number 1 is that it does not offer an autopilot function (automatically allow people to sign up for the replay). As there is an easy workaround (a landing page with a sign up), it still made it to the top.

run a webinar review

Run A Webinar Lifetime Review

The feature list itself is not all that exciting. It offers functionality most other webinar solutions offer as well. This includes:
  • Hosted on Amazon´s server
  • Payment feature included (you can sell from your webinar)
  • Only four customizable templates 
  • Chat
  • Capture leads
  • Webcam support (you can present via your webcam)
  • Slide upload
  • Email reminder
And a few more basic functions. See the full list HERE

I wished they had more templates, and another negative point is that you can only host ten webinars per months

You as the host will have to operate the program through a firefox browser (your guests can use the browser of their liking). 

But now it get´s exciting. 

Where to buy Run A Webinar

You can buy it HERE

What helped this tool to the top 3 spot is the price. There is not one functionality that would be unique or exotic. But the price is. 

You can rent on a monthly basis for 29.95 per month. The pricing model is made in a way that this does not make sense. 

The lifetime license costs $ 97 and comes with a money-back-guarantee.

Final Verdict

Run a Webinar is not a bad product. It is not the solution with the most features. The most convincing solution from a technical standpoint is Stealth Seminar  (see the review HERE).  Stealth Seminars did not make it to the top 3 because they do not offer a trial but you have to pay $100 for the initial setup and $70 each month after that. The best solution I have tested is without a doubt Everwebinar / WebinarJam. 

Basically, the price for the initial setup equals the price for a lifetime license of Run A Webinar. Please note: The initial payment for Run A Webinar does not offer any automation function. For evergreen webinars, you have to pay extra. They have a pretty long sales funnel so that it´s pretty confusing to differentiate between their "lifetime", "yearly" and "premium" versions.

Personally, I would recommend to check out the alternatives. After your initial purchase you will learn that you have to buy more modules to get the expected functionality.

If you do not have an issue with the limit of 10 webinars per month you should definitely get Run A Webinar. Keep in mind: The money-back-guarantee allows you to return the product should you not be happy. I have returned it and received my money back in less than a day.

I will not get the time back, though. 

Get Run A Webinar HERE

The price is a "launch special" so that you should not wait too long. Currently (at the time of this post) you will also receive one free training. 

If you plan to run screen sharing-based webinars make sure you check out the review of MeetingBurner HERE, they scored on number 3.

Read the review of Stealth HERE

And then sign up for the 90-day free trial of WebinarJam and enjoy "Marketing Genesis" their free incredible marketing and webinar training Everwebinar / WebinarJam. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

MeetingBurner Review, Webinar Software

The third winner is: MeetingBurner

For a few weeks now I have been evaluating webinar solutions. It´s a huge market. It´s also a market that is (still) dominated by a few "old" players (like GoToMeeting), AND there are some rather shady player on the market.

MeetingBurner ReviewI bet many of you have a product inside of them ... and a webinar is a perfect way to sell your product and grow your list. It´s also a great way of connecting with people and allowing them to get to know you.

What is important to mention is that MeetingBurner has the focus on screen sharing. You can show the camera of the host - but as a small extra window.

If you are looking for fullscreen video of your camera check out THIS and the Number one winner HERE.

There are three winners which I will review, starting with the third winner.

For me it was important that

  • I can have webinars on autopilot (people can sign up for the replay at any time)
  • Fast and competent support
  • Attractive pricing, free trial
  • No downloads necessary
  • Customizable registration forms
  • Clever and flexible reminder function
  • not just an add-on for Google hangouts
  • Audio conferencing support (people can call in) and mobile support
  • Paypal integration (so that viewers can buy right way)

Review of MeetingBurner

I did my first webinars with MeetingBurner and am super happy with it.

They offer a free trial, and you have 14 days to evaluate MeetingBurner Pro or Premium thoroughly. You can then chose the free version or one of the two paid versions.

The feedback from participants was that they experienced a fast connection. No complaints there.
After you signed up, you receive a series of very useful email messages.

If you choose a paid subscription, you can cancel at any time. The list of features is impressive:




10 Attendees
50 Attendees
250 Attendees
Live Meetings
Live Meetings
Live Meetings
Meeting Recording
Meeting Recording
Meeting Recording
AutoPilot™ Meetings
AutoPilot™ Meetings
AutoPilot™ Meetings
Instant Screen Sharing
Instant Screen Sharing
Instant Screen Sharing
Mac & PC Compatible
Mac & PC Compatible
Mac & PC Compatible
Audio Conferencing (Telephone, Computer)
Audio Conferencing (Telephone, Computer)
Audio Conferencing (Telephone, Computer)
Mobile Attendee Support
Mobile Attendee Support
Mobile Attendee Support
Meeting Scheduling
Meeting Scheduling
Meeting Scheduling
Streaming Video of Host
Streaming Video of Host
Streaming Video of Host
Instantly Change Presenters
Instantly Change Presenters
Instantly Change Presenters
In Meeting Chat
In Meeting Chat
In Meeting Chat
Customizable Meeting Registration Page
Customizable Meeting Registration Page
Customizable Meeting Registration Page
Automated Email Reminders
Automated Email Reminders
Automated Email Reminders
Facebook Promotion Tool
Facebook Promotion Tool
Facebook Promotion Tool
Registration Widget
Registration Widget
Registration Widget
Full Voice over IP (VOIP)
Full Voice over IP (VOIP)
Full Voice over IP (VOIP)
Recorded Meeting Sharing
Recorded Meeting Sharing
Recorded Meeting Sharing
Aweber Integration
Aweber Integration
Aweber Integration
Custom Registration Forms
Custom Registration Forms
Custom Registration Forms
Email Your Attendees
Email Your Attendees
Email Your Attendees
Paywall PayPal Integration
Paywall PayPal Integration
Paywall PayPal Integration
Meeting Analytics
Meeting Analytics
Meeting Analytics
Automated SMS Reminders
Automated SMS Reminders
Automated SMS Reminders

MeetingBurner Pricing - most important features

MeetingBurner offers three subscription models.

1. Forever Free
If you want to start small, then this is for you. Here are the most important features:

  • Up to 10 participants
  • Live Meetings
  • Mobile support, Mac and PC support
  • Members can call in
What is missing in the free version is the ability to run webinars on autopilot, record them, the PayPal integration and a bunch of other features. 

But it´s an impressive feature list that others let you pay for. 

For more info and to claim your trial go HERE

2. 39.95 per month
Only a few features are missing from the pro version - but I feel it´s crucial features, so that I don´t see the need for this version.
Not included: 
  • Autopilot
  • PayPal integration
  • analytics
  • SMS reminders (email reminders are included)
3. 99.95 per month
  • Run meetings on autopilot
The prices actually show the real monthly rates for monthly payment. It currently seems to be trending to list a monthly price that turns out to be the monthly price for a yearly subscription (paid at once). 

Final verdict

I am their client. The functionality at this price cannot be beaten. You can basically get the premier version and earn the fee during the 14-day trial. For me a problem is that I cannot offer webcam-based webinars. If screen sharing (with a tiny picture of your cam) is what you are looking for I can only recommend MeetingBurner. 

The support is excellent - fast and competent. 

One participant reported the app crashed on his iPhone. We had four people on iPhone/iPad, and the other three did not experience that. 

Sign up for the free version or a trial of the paid versions NOW

If you are planning to go to market with your own product, I recommend you look at the system people like Brian Tracy, Mind Movies and such are using: HERE

Read the review of the Winner, Stealth Seminar HERE
and the second Winner, Run a Webinar HERE

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Honest Review of MailChimp

Is MailChimp right for your business?

Honest MailChimp ReviewLet me start off by answering a question I had. Why are there so few MailChimp reviews around and why do they often get trashed even though the comparisons show that their offer is good?

That reviews are always honest is an illusion. Most reviews are written by people who are affiliated with the companies they review. Meaning they get paid when you buy it. Some of them pay serious amounts of money for a successful recommendation.

MailChimp does not really have that. They offer a tiny commission - not even cash but a small credit to your account. Definitely not the kind of money that would make me write a review.

And they have swags. A swag  is your choice of a super cute hat or a few shirts. See some items on the picture. I´ll try to find the affiliate link later and grab a hat if you sign up (;

Honest MailChimp Review

So basically, they are not paying you to speak about them.

Another factor is that they are peculiar with "Online Marketers".

Is MailChimp right for you?

The single most complaint I keep hearing about MailChimp is that they "hate" affiliate marketers. I am with them for a year now and I can say: No, they don´t.

They hate spammers. So do I and I applaud them for keeping their client list clean because it is the main reason for their high delivery rate. They have one of the best delivery rates of all providers. Even though they have a terrific delivery rate they do not publish exact numbers. They explain that it also depends on the reputation of the sender and the server the emails are being sent through.

So if you´re a spammer - don´t go there. And please leave my blog. 

I got in trouble with them once right with my first mailing. I was emailing a link to a site that is legit BUT motivates so many people and spammers to send their links around that they are considered spam.

MailChimp has a blacklist of sites they received loads of spam complaints about. That said, you will not get into trouble if you innocently use a link once or twice that is blacklisted. They´ll stop your mailing (the software is called Omnivore, sounds scary, right?), you talk to them and they either remove the block or explain the problem. And if it´s a link people consider spammy you might want to reconsider if it´s something you really want to push anyway.

That said, I believe that "online business" is the most dangerous area. Many products in that area have thousands and thousands of affiliates. Often they are new to this and spam people without meaning to. This blog is just a side-project and not my business. If I would be an online marketer I would probably consider another provider.

If you use a fake sender address, do not comply with the law or add some shady lists you acquired via the dark web, your account will be closed faster than you can say "what a shame".

But if you are planning on sending links to shady rip off "get rich quick" schemes, pyramid systems etc,  I recommend getresponse wholeheartedly. They have a big heart for spammers. You can read about my short, painful episode with them  HERE

When in doubt, you can always ask MailChimp.

MailChimp does not allow you to manually add people who have unsubscribed. I guess it happened to you too that some "online marketer" added you back to his list after you unsubscribed.

If you are a serious marketer who offers value and adds a few links - read on. Also, you can sign up for my newsletter and see for yourself how many great products I recommend (:  I even have a list of people who want to be informed about great LOA and Success Coaching programs. To this list I basically only send links.

I will focus on reporting about how they are in a customer-vendor relationship as there are enough feature lists all around the internet and you can get the facts on their SITE.

MailChimp is cool

What I personally love and might or might not appeal to you is the tone. Whether you send a campaign, schedule automation or do something else - all of their messages have a special tone. You can see that the designers (or whoever is responsible for the scripts) love their company.

For instance if you send a campaign you get this (animated, waving) monkey hand:
Mail Chimp Support
You´ll see what I mean if you surf around their website. 

Some basic info:

MailChimp Features and Automation

Mailchimp offers a "free forever" service for a list of up to 2000 and 12,000 emails per month (no automation).

The prices including automation start at $ 20 for a list of 1000 - 1500. From there on 5 $ increments so that its $35 for 2600. After that you can change to the Pro version. The price is in the middle of the field. They are neither the cheapest nor the most pricey.

A list of all features and prices can be found HERE 

Support will get an extra chapter - read on to learn why. It´s also why I decided to write this review.

In the video you can see the list of available integrations:


  • High delivery rate 
  • Imcredible support
  • Rich list of features
  • Easy to use
  • Forever free option 
  • Pay monthly or "on demand" (very useful if you send irregularly)


  • Pricing and Features could be explained better. I tried to leave them because I misunderstood the pricing and thought I have to buy "pro" right away to get automation
  • Automation triggers do not allow to set up a campaign that starts on a certain date. You can schedule single emails though
  • No phone support 

Customer Service

I wish companies would understand the cost of offering bad customer service and underpaying their call center staff. Why so many people outsource one of the most important sales channels to far away places is a mystery to me. It costs 10 times the money to win a customer than to sell to an existing one.

What are we doing if we don´t get good or, at least, decent support for mission critical things like our sites, our communication? Exactly! We leave and probably never come back. To reacquire a burnt customer is so much more expensive even than acquiring a new one.

I´ll just repurpose my FB post and that is also the answer to the question: Why does she bother to write this review? ...that and obviously I am a nice person (:

RTFM means "read the (word with f I don´t use) manual".

MailChimp Customer Review

Final Verdict

I guess it´s not nessary to mention that I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is not planning on sending unsolicited email or spam.

So far there was no feature I was missing. The only thing I would like is to be able to schedule a series (and not have to schedule each one separate) of emails to start on a certain date. Other than that they do offer a massive series of triggers.

The most important factor is the delivery rate. I once read that AWeber has an even better one but I cannot say if that´s true or not.

As you can start or use forever free I suggest you check them out HERE.

Something completely different: I am working with Mike Bosworth (the guy who created Solution Selling) and we are offering sales training. If you are planning on creating your own product that will interest you. Have a look if you like: http://www.storyseekers-chicago.com