Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to minimize Spam

How to minimize Spam and Scam

Why Spam and Scam matter

There are two types of online marketers. One group that generates newsletter subscribers by putting out quality content or through excellent social media work. Or maybe they pay for advertising, have a witty guest blogging strategy or utilize solo ads.

Then there is this other group. They call themselves "online marketers" when all they are is spammers.

I am not talking about annoying people who spam their LinkedIn contacts. Not even about companies who put you back on their list a few months after you unsubscribed or the over motivated affiliate marketer. I am talking about those disgusting spammers that fake their "from" address and such. People who make a living from sending you unwanted messages while disguising who they are. Maggots.

They are a threat to any honest online business.