Thursday, May 19, 2016

List Building Opportunity - Personal Development

The List Building Event of the Year!

The best reward is helping as many people as possible to a better life. To be able to help people we must reach them first. 

Aurorasa Sima Project Phoenix

I don´t have an event picture so I will just add one of myself as I am joining this event to promote my Emotional Intelligence Training (;

If you are in the personal development sector or offer a service related to it you cannot miss this list boosting event: 

15,000+ Targeted Subscribers Viewing YOUR Offer? JV With Me NOW...

Dr. Joe Rubino and Carolyn Hansen just unleashed the flood gate on their Healthy,
Wealthy and Wise Gifts 6 list-building launch. For anyone who is serious about growing their lists and helping lots of people this is the must-be event. 

The event is free and you can post your freebie without charge. Upgrade options allow you to post up to 3 gifts and gain better visibility. IF you want. 

Last year free members averaged 500 - 600 new subscribers. 

The people who used the upgrade options were able to add thousands of subscribers to lists. How many depends also on the quality of your gift. 

Yes - 1000s!!!

You can join FREE Here: JV

The site opens to members on June 3rd at 10 AM EST, but hundreds of vendors are going to see your offer right now. 

I have already grabbed a few gifts for myself. 

Over $10,000 in Sales Contests, Prizes and Incentives make this a no-brainer!

Check the details HERE

To me the most important thing is to reach more people that I can help to a better life. But if you are interested in the monetary side: The prizes are more than attractive - check them out on the site. 

Imagine this like a free solo-ad to potentially over 15K people. Of if you upgrade imagine it as 3 solo adds for 70 Dollar to thousands and thousands of people!

I have already signed-up - you might see my offers as soon as you click the link. 

Here's To Your Summer of Success! Make sure you tell your friends - who doesn´t want more people on their lists without spending a fortune or going through the hassle of finding a reliable solo-ad partner?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

RIP Amazon - I once loved you

Amazon is going down

For many years, Amazon was my favorite company. Best customer service, best assortment, best prices, fastest shipping - best everything.

They seemed to take the growth step from a medium to a huge company effortlessly.

Not anymore.

Amazon now sucks like a Microsoft, Comcast or any giant company who has been seduced by its monopolistic market power.

Not learning from history they repeat the mistakes other huge companies made. For a company that size, it can take years until it becomes visible on the market that karma bit back.

Just look at Microsoft. "MicroWHO?" would any millennial say. While the mobile age arrived and Microsoft was busy trying to force their desktop products on us and celebrated bad customer service like it was its 100 anniversary they overlooked who really has the power.

They are irrelevant to the millennials, the mobile generation. Good luck with the bing users. Those  few who lack the technical knowledge to replace bing with a decent search engine. Giving (and forcing) away the newest milk cow for free might secure some market shares in the desktop market. And companies take longer to replace, test and implement new software.

Now Amazon is doing it too.

They outsourced customer service to the far-away land where nobody gives a damn. It´s about cutting and pasting something not even faintly related to the customer inquiry - not customer satisfaction or solving a problem.

Sadly, companies never seem to realize how expensive bad customer service is. Returning clients are the cheapest acquisitions. New clients are more expensive ... but clients who left because a company sucked? Very expensive.

A while back one of the competent Amazon customer service agents could solve a problem with one call. Now you have weeklong forth- and back with several agents. Some even speak some form of English ... or Indlish. Is that really cheaper???

The number of forced unwanted crappy apps on their hardware seems to be growing by the minute. Alexa can´t even see Siri´s face from down there where she is standing with her limited voice recognition capabilities.

They made their fire phone and the newest tablet generation jailbreak-safe (for now). Every day I delete "The New Yorker" and every day amazon forces it on my device again. What do you think, Amazon? I reward that with buying a subscription to the New Yorker??? More than half of the first page of the current Kindle fire generation is full of unwanted applications.

When I have the choice between bad customer service and bad customer service with more applications and faster updates .... I´ll be back, google. Just waiting for "Kindi 4" to break.

I found someone on Craiglist who missed the sign of times and gave me 120 for my Fire phone. I felt officially like a gangster.

For the longest time, Amazon managed what most giants failed to do: Managing growth, keeping innovative and customer friendly.

Goodbye, Amazon, I will miss you for what you once were.

New players will enter the market. They will be more customer friendly, more innovative and flexible. And there´s life in the old dogs yet. But not in you.

While Apple has the intelligence to form strategic relationships (SAP, IBM); MS is the excellence of OEM; so that they can afford p.... clients off - who´s your strategic alliance, Amazon?

Taking them on all at once, aren´t you? The clients, the google, the apple - and the laws of the market. You can be proud on what you achieved until you became common, Amazon.

I loved you, Amazon. Goodbye. I won´t throw a stone when I see one of your drones deliver a 12-hour parcel sometime soon.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Why Apple Watch is underrated

A functionality review of Apple Watch

Apple Watch Functionality ReviewI have to admit it: When I first read about Apple watch I posted something ugly like: "Great, now you can spot idiots from a mile away." In my defense: The article stated it would cost $ 5000.

Sometimes I still try to cover it, but that is silly if you think about it. Before that, I was wearing an Omega Constellation. Apple watches start at $ 300 (on Amazon right now) which is very cheap for a watch.

A lot has been said about the technology, and as you know, I am not technical at all. I want to share the kind of information I would be looking for before making a buying decision.

It´s not a complete feature list but just of list of features why I love the watch.

I will share with you how I am using my watch and why it, in my opinion, is one of the best gadgets ever invented:

Music Player

For the longest time, I secured my IPod, cell phone or with the strap of my bra. I don´t need to tell you that this is not an optimal space. But there was not other solution when I wanted to walk around. The super small players did not offer the kind of storage space I need.

I do not own a music player anymore. My watch connects to my phone and my Bluetooth headset allowing me not only to stream my music, but I am also connected to my Amazon Prime music, TuneIn Radio, iHeart radio - you name it.

It´s easy to change the track, source, or loudness on my watch and for that feature alone the Apple watch would be worth it to me.


Like how rude is it to look at your phone in meetings? It´s SUPER RUDE, isn´t it. How about a quick glance at your watch. Or even just lifting your arm (you can always pretend you need to scratch your forehead).

The other thing is: Most emails are not worth it to unlock your phone and look at them. How handy that you can quickly check on your watch who is writing to you. I have the sound off so that I just feel the vibration when an email comes in.


When using an IPhone for navigation your watch will also tell you when to take a turn and such. I like this feature. I am hardly using my Garmin anymore.

Siri Universal Genius

Well...we all know Siri - no need to introduce him. By pressing the button on your watch, he is at your service.
"Siri find a restaurant nearby."
"Siri navigate to the restaurant."
"Siri can you beatbox for me."

Internet searches, writing a text message - the full power of Siri is at your service without the need of getting your phone out, unlocking it, etc.

Kitchen Timer

I even own an Amazon Echo - still I prefer my watch to set timers. A function I use very often. The more services Amazon is adding, the less it understands me. Echo and I had a few screaming duels - it´s beyond annoying if he keeps misunderstanding.

Let´s not kid ourselves: Apple is the master of voice recognition. 


I guess I have a weather app on my phone. I have never used it. When I looked up the weather, I did so on my computer. 
How nice to see the current temperature on my watch and get a weekly forecast with a tip of my finger.  

Answering and making calls

How is the quality of your car speakerphone? Did you ever talk to someone who did not complain? I always seem to have a hard time understanding when someone has me on a loudspeaker. Me as well as others calling me while driving end up taking our phones in our hand. 
Not allowed in most countries.

I am not saying that the quality of calls made on your watch is better. But it´s more fun. Not just while driving - there are many occasions (i.e. shopping) where I am glad I don´t have to take out my phone to answer a call.

Text messaging

Nothing beats the ease of pressing a button on your watch and read a text or have Siri answer a text or write a new one. 

Sport and Health

For many people, these are important features. I sometimes check how my heartbeat changes in certain situations - but just for the fun of it. 

I am not using the fitness part of the watch very much, but many people say that it helps them to get motivated and stay on track with their workout. 

There are apps around that allow you to take your blood pressure, and your watch can deliver a lot of data to sophisticated health apps. 

What else

So this are the features that make this watch so important to me. There are also a few games around for the app, newsreaders but with the tiny screen, it´s pretty much useless and just eats up battery power. 

Many CRM companies and also Microsoft and Google offer apps for the watch. You do not need to be in an "Apple world" to receive calendar reminders, access to your contacts and such. 

Why is Apple watch not successful?

I can only guess that other people feel like myself. To read about the features does not convey at all how much you are going to use and love them. 

People think that it is expensive. I feel it´s a steal for all it does. 

If you want to give it a try, my suggestion is to get it from Amazon where you can easily return it and get it at the best price HERE.


I like this feature. As you can see, I chose a simple "face" that shows me the current temperature, date, battery status and fitness info. Maybe you would prefer to see your appointments of the day or something else.

You can also chose any picture you like as the basis. Even a zombie hamster. 
Apple watch is underrated

Apple watch review

Apple watch good and the bad

Interesting applications

There are also some fascinating applications. To pick out one: The music group Massive Attack offers a free music app for Apple Watch. It contains some unreleased tracks and reacts (changes) a) to your heartbeat and b) to the time of the day.

What I don´t like: 

  • I would love the battery to last longer than about 30 hours (with my heavy use). 
  • When I call someone with my watch, the number comes up as "anonymous." 
  • You hate spam even more when it arrives as close as at your arm.
  • As always with Apple - you cannot delete the stock apps. I don´t want a market tracker on my arm. That said: If I were investing in shares, I would appreciate my watch keeping me updated.
Want to try one? Grab it HERE

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nerium product based pyramid scheme?

Nerium Business Opportunity Review 

I am writing this review just for you. I neither have other MLM or Pyramid systems to recommend nor was I ever involved in one or will I ever be involved. I just don´t like when people get ripped off.
Ray Liotta Nerium

What I noticed about Nerium is that they must have a very efficient marketing and sales approach. Even people who usually do not fall for every scam feel the need of endangering friendships by going after their "warm market."

A few people have bugged me about in the last weeks.

Their promoters defend them with claws and teeth in full ignorance of any facts. Most don´t stay for long, though.

It will be hard sell

People pay premium prices for premium products. They also pay premium prices for premium marketing bubbles and a sophisticated brand image. With an excellent brand image, you can be overpriced - but you still have to bring it. Even Apple would not succeed if they started selling Nokia phones from 2010 with their logo on it.

Nerium is way overpriced for what it is. A generic cream with everyday ingredients (besides one I will discuss further on).

The problem Nerium´s promoters will face is that the price they are paying (even with the auto-ship program) is way higher than the street price the cream sells for on eBay and Amazon. And it does sell on those sites.

Most people never make their money back (investment for the starter package and other costs I will outline below) ... when they kiss the "business opportunity" goodbye they sell their stock dirt cheap.

Another factor is that those who still believe in the oleander dream have to reach a certain point level to qualify for bonuses.

As is common with product-based pyramids: You either need 200 points from selling the product to others or 80 points from buying it for yourself to qualify.

Just read the income disclosure for yourself.

Is Nerium cream even safe?

I do not hold against them that it has no proven long-term anti-aging effect. Most or maybe all of the anti-aging products don´t. I do hold against them that they claim "scientific evidence" but are not willing to share it. 

You would have to sign an NDA for them to share their testimony with you. Now, does that strike you as strange? Why would I want to shut you up and not share my incredible scientific results with the world?

  • The primary seller, the cream, is an utterly generic cream. Aloe and "the usual suspects" that are common in average low price creams. It´s not organic or anything else worth mentioning. None of the ingredients have been proven to have any lasting anti-aging effects whatsoever. The only element that stands out is oleander.

    You do not find oleander in many creams. do not find oleander in any other creams. That is probably because oleander is toxic. Oleander is one of the world´s most toxic plants - toxic in all parts. It can be deadly - especially for children.
Read more about Nerium oleander on Wikipedia: oleander

There is not proof whatsoever that oleander has any anti-aging benefits. 

Maybe some people imagine a short-term anti-aging effect because their faces have a better blood circulation when they think about how they´ll get rid of their starter package and get their investment back. 

It could also be a mild inflammation from the toxic oleander that makes the skin look smoother - for a while. 

I do not know anything about their caffeine "brain" supplement and from my level of brand trust, I would rather be poked in the eye with a stick than try it. 

Pushing and pressuring

Now it is not new to pressure partners to spend more money. All pyramid schemes do that. First of all, you have to pay for a starter pack. That ranges from $50 (without any product, just some paper) to $ 1700. But ... to sell it you need to know it and ideally, use it, right? So ... go, buy it. 

Then they offer paid training. In complaints on ripoff report and such people claim they were told: "you have to attend or else you will not make it". Not surprisingly it only increased their losses. 

They do have a "you have to get rid of 70 % first before you can reorder rule"  -  they also have a "make 80 points from purchases for yourself, and you qualify for bonus" rule. Hence, the high number of available products on Amazon and eBay even though Nerium only sells through their partners. 

The 70/30 rule also means that you can never (when you give up ) send back more than your last order (minus shipping and handling 2-ways and they only credit 90 % of the value of returned goods). 

Payment structure

The few people at the top will earn a lot of money.

They pay residential income for 10 tiers. That is a clear indicator that they expect you to sell to your downline - not the market. A company that wanted to encourage product sale would probably have a different structure. 

You are supposed to use the cream and find new partners and sell them the starter package.

A simple, proven system?

Nerium claims that the system is simple and proven to generate part-time or full-time income. 

The average income for a Nerium (see income disclosure) partner is $1.220 

Of 75000 promoters only 1009 make over $ 10k per year - and 10k is far even from minimum wage. 

They offer a "free bonus car package". If you hit a particular goal, they pay the leasing rate for a Lexus for you. You can even choose between three colors. It´s on a month to month basis. If you do not hit "Senior Director" level next month - you are still in the contract, and you pay. You have to be enrolled in the auto-ship program to qualify. 

Read more at Nerium "Bisuness Recources" 

Fake promotion pictures

Brand partners use a lot of fake pictures to promote the product. Some are very obviously photoshopped. 

Ray Liotta filed a lawsuit because Nerium used his picture and his photoshopped picture as "before" "after" customer success story. The thing is that Liotta had never used the cream, even less sent them photos or agreed to be a testimonial for them. 

To me, it´s a red flag that promoters are using fake pictures to show the "evidence" of how wonderful the cream works. 

Fake from A to Z

What about this company is straight and honest? I cannot think of anything, help me out here. 
  • Nerium is intelligent enough about their photoshopped fake "before" and "after" picture as well as other adventurous claims to make sure that they never publish it themselves. When things go wrong, it will the partners who posted false information on the web. 
  • Nerium encourages people to write fake positive reviews. They promote the use of words like "scam" and such in the titles. What a speaker said (at a training event) is that they want to dominate the first three pages of search results. So when people are looking for honest reviews, they will have a hard time finding them. Nerium partners write fake "scam reviews". Nerium partners also go to and write fake reviews.

    Excellent business opportunities and companies with good products do not feel the need to plaster the market with fake reviews. 
  • Customers have reported they were trying to return the product because they were allergic or did not see any difference. When they contacted Nerium for an RMA they were told they need to continue using it for at least 30 days. When they called after 30 days, they were told that the right of return ended after 30 days. 

 Is Nerium a scam? Maybe not regarding the legal definition as you have overpriced toxic products (primary product is still the night cream) to sell - regarding moral they sure are. False promises, overpriced, unsafe products and many other features I would call shady at best.

The company is on the market since 2011, carefully surfing the gray zone in between MLM and illegal pyramid.

From the number of people who have bugged me about Nerium, I would think the pyramid is already of a size where starters cannot make real money (at least in the States),

Final verdict

In my opinion, they clearly are a product-based pyramid scheme, and I suggest to stay away. There are enough good creams out there to sell (without toxic ingredients), and there are probably enough decent MLM around.

Also, once you know that over 90 % of the people you acquire just lose their money - why would you even do that.

If you already invested in them - do yourself a favor and don´t bug your friends and family. They will not love you for it when they lose their money or get allergies from your cream.

If I had to sell Nerium, I´d put on a wig and dark glasses and prospect in areas as cold as "I´ll never go back to that town".

Related read: Differences between Pyramid and MLM

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stealth Seminar Review

Stealth Seminar Review

The King is in the house

Stealth Seminar is the most professional webinar software I have evaluated. This software can integrate with basically every CRM system and email system you can imagine.

I tell you one thing upfront: Of the three tools that made it to the TOP 3 list, this is the most expensive. As they say: You get what you pay for.

It beats products like Clickfunnels and Everwebinar (that did not make it to my TOP list) by far, far, far.

The only downside: I´ll put that upfront. The support is not very talented. But that is the only negative I found and let´s face it ... most companies do not understand how expensive saving a few bucks on good support people is.

Now enjoy the list of reasons this is my tool of choice and the absolute Number one:

Review of Stealth Seminar

Stealth Seminar offers all basic functionality every other tool offers as well. Let´s look at some highlights and unique features:

Free Webinar School

Stealth Seminar provides comprehensive training on how to run your webinars and grow your list. I have not found a similar offer. Others offer blogs or video training as well - but not in this quality. This is a course I would pay for.


Where to start.....let´s make it simple: It integrates with every CRM, Landing Page, Email automation. Seriously.

Only Hybrid Webinar System on the market. 

To me one of the most convincing features. You can run a webinar live, in autopilot mode (while you´re at the beach) and in hybrid mode. Hybrid mode means you can run a recorded webinar, but you are there to answer the live questions.

Bulletproof Autopilot

Most solutions are not very convincing at pretending you are watching a live show. In example if you refresh your browser the "live webinar" might start from the beginning. If you click pause and walk away for a few minutes, the webinar will continue where you left off.
Stealth Seminar´s approach might even fool the paranoid.

Chat Review system

Block nasty people from the chat without them ever knowing. You can review chat entries and decide if you want to publish them. Another unique feature is that Stealth Seminar stores your chat log. With every replay, more conversation is added making your event look really busy.

Speaking about busy:

User System

How many people do you think will join your first events? And how many will actually comment? Might get pretty lonely out there, right? That was one of my biggest fears. How silly am I going to look if only 17 people join?
Stealth Seminar has a fake it ´til you make it function allowing you to simulate users which will also give you a social media boost.

Mac World

The other tested tools were compatible with iPhones, Pads, etc. too. But this one runs like a charm. It´s not "compatible with" it has been programmed for. I do not know about you - the number of my buyers that use IOS is larger than 60 %.


The autopilot function is just perfect. Upload your file and let the system handle everything else. You can even turn your audio seminars (mp3) into an automatic system with just a click.

Stealth Seminar is packed with unique features. I might list 13 that are important to me and not mention the two features the product offers that you care about. Check for yourself: HERE

Now let´s talk about the negative points:

I just found one, but it´s not a nice one. They do not offer a free trial. I had to commit right away - so will you.

Where to buy / Price

They offer a 30-day money-back-guarantee. The first month is free, but you have to pay an initial fee (one-time) of $ 97 in any way. You can buy HERE

150 Person Capacity Starter Account (up to 100 events a month) This allows you to host up to 100 webinars a month with up to 150 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $69.95 monthly fee
300 Person Capacity (up to 100 events a month) 
This allows you to host up to 100 webinars with up to 300 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $135.00 monthly fee
500 Person Capacity (up to 100 events a month) This allows you to host up to 100 webinars with up to 500 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $220.00 monthly fee
1,000 Person Capacity (unlimited events a month) This allows you to host unlimited webinars each month with up to 1000 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $420.00 monthly fee
2,000 Person Capacity (unlimited events a month) This allows you to host unlimited webinars a month with up to 2000 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $800.00 monthly fee
4,000 Person Capacity (unlimited events a month) This allows you to host unlimited webinars a month with up to 4000 simultaneous attendees on all events. Cost: $1250.00 monthly fee
If you are serious about earning money via webinars, get Stealth Seminar HERE

Or check out the budget solutions with a bit fewer functionalities:
Run A Webinar Review
MeetingBurner Review

Just do yourself a favor: Check the feature lists and calculate how many of your product you have to sell to make up for the monthly fee. Go Big HERE

Run A Webinar Review

Inexpensive, scalable webinar software

The number 2 of my webinar solution evaluation goes to Run A Webinar. This could well be the most affordable scalable solution you will find on the market.

Based on Amazon´s S3 (not google hangouts) you can hold meetings with an unlimited amount of guests. Amazon is said to be more stable.

Webinars can be automatically recorded. The only reason this product did not make it to number 1 is that it does not offer an autopilot function (automatically allow people to sign up for the replay). As there is an easy workaround (a landing page with a sign up), it still made it to the top.

run a webinar review

Run A Webinar Lifetime Review

The feature list itself is not all that exciting. It offers functionality most other webinar solutions offer as well. This includes:
  • Hosted on Amazon´s server
  • Payment feature included (you can sell from your webinar)
  • Only four customizable templates 
  • Chat
  • Capture leads
  • Webcam support (you can present via your webcam)
  • Slide upload
  • Email reminder
And a few more basic functions. See the full list HERE

I wished they had more templates, and another negative point is that you can only host ten webinars per months

You as the host will have to operate the program through a firefox browser (your guests can use the browser of their liking). 

But now it get´s exciting. 

Where to buy Run A Webinar

You can buy it HERE

What helped this tool to the top 3 spot is the price. There is not one functionality that would be unique or exotic. But the price is. 

You can rent on a monthly basis for 29.95 per month. The pricing model is made in a way that this does not make sense. 

The lifetime license costs $ 97 and comes with a money-back-guarantee.

Final Verdict

Run a Webinar is an excellent product. It is not the solution with the most features. The most convincing solution from a technical standpoint is Stealth Seminar  (see the review HERE).  Stealth Seminars did not make it to the top 3 because they do not offer a trial but you have to pay $100 for the initial setup and $70 each month after that. 

Basically, the price for the initial setup equals the price for a lifetime license of Run A Webinar. 

If you do not have an issue with the limit of 10 webinars per month you should definitely get Run A Webinar. Keep in mind: The money-back-guarantee allows you to return the product should you not be happy. 

I have asked the developer what will happen with my "lifetime license" if Firefox does a major upgrade. They said that updates will be available right away when necessary.

Get Run A Webinar HERE

The price is a "launch special" so that you should not wait too long. Currently (at the time of this post) you will also receive one free training. 

If you plan to run screen sharing-based webinars make sure you check out the review of MeetingBurner HERE, they scored on number 3.

Read the review of the Number ONE that has beaten the competition big time: HERE

Monday, March 28, 2016

MeetingBurner Review, Webinar Software

The third winner is: MeetingBurner

For a few weeks now I have been evaluating webinar solutions. It´s a huge market. It´s also a market that is (still) dominated by a few "old" players (like GoToMeeting), AND there are some rather shady player on the market.

MeetingBurner ReviewI bet many of you have a product inside of them ... and a webinar is a perfect way to sell your product and grow your list. It´s also a great way of connecting with people and allowing them to get to know you.

What is important to mention is that MeetingBurner has the focus on screen sharing. You can show the camera of the host - but as a small extra window.

If you are looking for fullscreen video of your camera check out THIS and the Number one winner HERE.

There are three winners which I will review, starting with the third winner.

For me it was important that

  • I can have webinars on autopilot (people can sign up for the replay at any time)
  • Fast and competent support
  • Attractive pricing, free trial
  • No downloads necessary
  • Customizable registration forms
  • Clever and flexible reminder function
  • not just an add-on for Google hangouts
  • Audio conferencing support (people can call in) and mobile support
  • Paypal integration (so that viewers can buy right way)

Review of MeetingBurner

I did my first webinars with MeetingBurner and am super happy with it.

They offer a free trial, and you have 14 days to evaluate MeetingBurner Pro or Premium thoroughly. You can then chose the free version or one of the two paid versions.

The feedback from participants was that they experienced a fast connection. No complaints there.
After you signed up, you receive a series of very useful email messages.

If you choose a paid subscription, you can cancel at any time. The list of features is impressive:




10 Attendees
50 Attendees
250 Attendees
Live Meetings
Live Meetings
Live Meetings
Meeting Recording
Meeting Recording
Meeting Recording
AutoPilot™ Meetings
AutoPilot™ Meetings
AutoPilot™ Meetings
Instant Screen Sharing
Instant Screen Sharing
Instant Screen Sharing
Mac & PC Compatible
Mac & PC Compatible
Mac & PC Compatible
Audio Conferencing (Telephone, Computer)
Audio Conferencing (Telephone, Computer)
Audio Conferencing (Telephone, Computer)
Mobile Attendee Support
Mobile Attendee Support
Mobile Attendee Support
Meeting Scheduling
Meeting Scheduling
Meeting Scheduling
Streaming Video of Host
Streaming Video of Host
Streaming Video of Host
Instantly Change Presenters
Instantly Change Presenters
Instantly Change Presenters
In Meeting Chat
In Meeting Chat
In Meeting Chat
Customizable Meeting Registration Page
Customizable Meeting Registration Page
Customizable Meeting Registration Page
Automated Email Reminders
Automated Email Reminders
Automated Email Reminders
Facebook Promotion Tool
Facebook Promotion Tool
Facebook Promotion Tool
Registration Widget
Registration Widget
Registration Widget
Full Voice over IP (VOIP)
Full Voice over IP (VOIP)
Full Voice over IP (VOIP)
Recorded Meeting Sharing
Recorded Meeting Sharing
Recorded Meeting Sharing
Aweber Integration
Aweber Integration
Aweber Integration
Custom Registration Forms
Custom Registration Forms
Custom Registration Forms
Email Your Attendees
Email Your Attendees
Email Your Attendees
Paywall PayPal Integration
Paywall PayPal Integration
Paywall PayPal Integration
Meeting Analytics
Meeting Analytics
Meeting Analytics
Automated SMS Reminders
Automated SMS Reminders
Automated SMS Reminders

MeetingBurner Pricing - most important features

MeetingBurner offers three subscription models.

1. Forever Free
If you want to start small, then this is for you. Here are the most important features:

  • Up to 10 participants
  • Live Meetings
  • Mobile support, Mac and PC support
  • Members can call in
What is missing in the free version is the ability to run webinars on autopilot, record them, the PayPal integration and a bunch of other features. 

But it´s an impressive feature list that others let you pay for. 

For more info and to claim your trial go HERE

2. 39.95 per month
Only a few features are missing from the pro version - but I feel it´s crucial features, so that I don´t see the need for this version.
Not included: 
  • Autopilot
  • PayPal integration
  • analytics
  • SMS reminders (email reminders are included)
3. 99.95 per month
  • Run meetings on autopilot
The prices actually show the real monthly rates for monthly payment. It currently seems to be trending to list a monthly price that turns out to be the monthly price for a yearly subscription (paid at once). 

Final verdict

I am their client. The functionality at this price cannot be beaten. You can basically get the premier version and earn the fee during the 14-day trial. For me a problem is that I cannot offer webcam-based webinars. If screen sharing (with a tiny picture of your cam) is what you are looking for I can only recommend MeetingBurner. 

The support is excellent - fast and competent. 

One participant reported the app crashed on his iPhone. We had four people on iPhone/iPad, and the other three did not experience that. 

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If you are planning to go to market with your own product, I recommend you look at the system people like Brian Tracy, Mind Movies and such are using: HERE

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