Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Viraloo Review Warning

Wow, I really don't like to write negative reviews. But I feel if something annoyed me it's common decency to let you know. Tomorrow or so I can luckily share about a fabulous tool I discovered for you.

Viraloo Review

You know .. Viraloo makes the typical "get viral, rich and immortal overnight" claims. As you know, I am not interested in that so that I am not bothered that it's not true. Everybody knows that it doesn't work like this.

I purchased Viraloo because I was under the impression that it allows me to offer content for social action. For instance, someone gets a free product if 10 people sign up through his link.

There is also "affiliate training" included in the initial purchase price of just $ 27.

It turned out that this is not working for my business. The "lock" can only refer to the page it is on. I wanted to have an opt-in page, and after people received their goodie, invite them to earn an even bigger goodie.

A blackmail lock might work in the "Internet Business" "MLM" "Affiliate" area - I personally find it offensive. Reminds me of "wannacry" more than marketing. And don't forget that I offer corporate sales training in partnership with Mike Bosworth Leadership.

I was still a super, super happy camper. Viraloo allowed me to use Instapages and I thought it's a fabulous page builder.

I cannot comment on the quality of the "training". I doubt it is training though. The spammyness of the viraloo download page made clear to me that this will be our last interaction, and I was convinced the "training" is just going to be upsell-shows.

While I do not take a lot of time to write a negative review, I looked at the JV page:
Viraloo Scam Review

Oh, haha, look at that. Why do I need 3 more stuff when I will be rich and famous tomorrow, anyway?

Jokes aside, I expected something like that and I am not worried that you don't become a superstar overnight by making blackmailish offers. I don't know a lot about your business. Personally, I click away if a page says as much as "share to access".

Yes, Dropbox and others grew crazy with this strategy. People wanted more storage. But my products, and perhaps yours too, are not products people are actively looking for. My job is often to invite the ones who are not looking (95% of the market) to become my clients.

Ok, focus, Aurorasa. Ah, right.

The "lock" does not have any fraud detection so that you can expect to give your great item (it has to be great for someone to share your offer and get 5 sign-ups for you ...) out for free. You will also loose opt-ins who are just not into the type of aggressive marketing. That's at least my guess.

The thing with the spam

I had one problem that I hate from the second I purchased. The vendor does not only promote really, really spammy offers right away - I received a ton of spam. To the address on my PayPal account that is normally spam free.

It's not proven in any way, that these guys are responsible for that - it could be just a coincidence that my spam free mailbox all of a sudden is hit by "get viral, rich and immortal overnight" spam.

But, you know, perception is reality and my impression of "The Art of Marketing" (the makers of Viraloo) at this point was already damaged.

Oh, well, also not a big problem for me, my email provider is very aggressive towards spammers and they soon land on blacklists.

viraloo spam

But .... here's the thing.

I was happy and excited, created my landing page, promoted it (touched money to do so) only to learn that people received an error 404.

When I logged into my Viraloo account at http://  viraloo.org, I learned that Instapages was gone. My landing page has been deleted. I was not informed of that.

Instead some 3rd class "page builder" had been installed.

I contacted support. They did not reply for 8 days. I contacted them again, this time requesting a refund. They did not answer.

Probably to outrank the negative reviews that will soon be over the net, "Art of Marketing" called an article on their own blog "Viraloo-Scam" (that's the URL): Negative SEO from the vendor?

Scam is a big word that we use too easily. I would not call it a scam. I think it's an unprofessional vendor with an approach that might be considered "sales talent" in the Affiliate and MLM area. But in no other place in the world.

I recommend staying away.

A professional and spam-free alternative with attentive support, fraud detection, and tons of features is UpViral.

Have a look at it. Oh, should you want your money back from them - the support replies.

PS: Upviral is also cheaper given that the price they tell you upfront is the real price!

Explaindio Review - Do not buy

This review does not contain an affiliate link. For if you are still willing to buy after you read this, I failed and do not deserve to be paid.

Explaindio 3 Review

I will sort my concerns into technical and ... I nearly want to say "ethical". This review will be relatively short because I have wasted a lot of time that I need to prepare a video for my new product, "DMN Brain Booster".

So ... you watch the sales video and it looks all fabulous. Professional looking videos with great music, animation, and whatnot.

Then you hear the price: Only USD 69 for the professional and USD 59 for the personal version. Annually that is.

Nice, sure thing - why not?

Technical problems

I knew the 2.0 version and assumed they have improved since then. They have improved. Their presentation.

The software is in version 3 (3.9? I forgot after I uninstalled..) as crashy and laggy as in Version 2.

Other than that, I have not used it long enough to discover any hidden technical problems. The user interface is nasty and not intuitive at all.

If everything else was fine, I would not mind the horrible translation of the example texts. I guess if you like someone, you are more willing to overlook errors.

The bad stuff

Listen, I make my living from selling my coaching service and my products. There is nothing wrong with making money IF you offer buyers value. There is nothing wrong with getting paid for your effort of reviewing a product. IF your review is trustworthy.

Did you ever wonder why so many affiliate marketers do not make it? Part of the reason is ethics. It's not a sustainable business model to rip people off, disappoint them or give them false advice.

Upselling is a good thing if you offer buyers additional value. It is a very bad thing if you want them to pay for what you tricked them into believing they get with the first purchase.

The real price of Explaindio 3

Do you know what you really get for your bucks? Go to Fiverr, have a look at the nasty 5 buck explainer videos - this is what you get. 

I have no screenshot for you, I uninstalled before I started writing this ... Every second button in the software takes you to the website for an upsell. 

But what about the cool presentations you saw on the sales page? Yes, what about them? You won't be able to create them with your "milk the cow" version. 

Only a few highly overused audio. Hardly any templates. 3d? I saw 5 "examples" in the folder but could not look at them for the program crashed when I tried to import them. 

Have a look at the sales funnel and please keep an eye out for the parts that are subscriptions and have to be paid monthly. 

explaindio 3 review

Again. There is NOTHING wrong with upselling, cross-selling, or any form of selling. 

If I trust you, I will stay with you and be happy to buy again from you. If I don't, you will not ever sell to me again. That includes everyone who has attested for this product too. 

The testimonials

I believe it is in bad taste to publish names of people on the internet so that I won't. But if you have a JVZOO account and would look at the top sellers of this product, you would find that that are the endorsements. 

Where are the happy clients? 


If you want a cheapo looking explainer video with characters 400,000 others are using, do yourself a favor and save yourself some time. Go to Fiverr and get it done for you for 5 Bucks. 

If you are willing to pay 1k per year, I am sure there are better solutions out there.

You know? Maybe I would pay 1k per year for high quality videos. Just don't be shady about the price of your product. 

Unless you invest a lot of time (and the mentioned amounts of $), your Explaindio video will only appeal to a limited amount of people. "Affiliates", "MLM". Businesspeople? Not. 

The term "affiliate marketing" has been tainted and spoiled by all the black sheep out there. What comes to mind when you think of "affiliate marketing"? Low quality accepted? Not very honest? Spam? Scam? 

It's sad really if you think about it. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Google Blogger vs Wordpress

As you know ... I use Google Blogger for all of my blogs. This article is written from the standpoint of a (proudly) untechnical person.

When asked in the past why I use Google I told everyone:

"I am of the opinion that Wordpress has way, way more features, and possibilities. But everyone I know who uses it has constant trouble and spends a lot of time on fixing issues.
Google can do less but what it can do it does without problems. Also, I never need to fear changes of Googles' extensive book of rules. With a Google blog, you're good."

Now look how pretty my WordPress entrance page is already:

WordPress Aurorasa Coaching

WordPress and a sea of tears

Wait, let me think ... how did it all start? What made me so reckless? Ah, I know. I needed a hosting contract and it came with WordPress. I clicked and it asked which kind of site I wanted.

"None", I thought. But I still clicked on "store". Wow ... it seemed so easy. Within minutes I had a store. It looked ugly, but if you can build it in a few minutes, how hard can it be to make it cute?

Very hard, my friend, I tell you.

I fell in love with idea that I can separate my digital products from my coaching services, and I decided to use this WordPress store. The store was missing a few features so that I tried other e-commerce options.

And soon I was one of them. A WordPress user activating and deactivating plugins ... trying and crying, searching nerdy help-forums. And sure enough, I even had to touch code. You have to buy a service here and a missing feature there. That costs time.

The same happened with other seemingly great and simple to use features:

  • Membership site
  • Affiliate program for the store
  • Booking system

I already had to deal with comment spam, setting up a firewall for my WordPress site, installing my own SSL, and and and. All of this is alien to a Google and "out of the box product" user.

My worst fears came true when the second person emailed me that they cannot purchase. "Sorry, .... has been removed from the cart, the product cannot be purchased anymore". I realized that there were no orders for a few days.

I do not want to learn how to code. Or become an expert in anything else than my craft. To me, all time that I cannot spend to serve people or enjoy life is wasted.

At first, it seems like there is just a small issue to solve. Then the next. Turns out that the issue is not that small after all. Without you noticing you get pulled into a sea of tasks. And once you're in production you have to fix issues right away.

Long story short:

I purchased a plugin for $ 150 to get rid of my most severe issues (and naturally I also had to purchase a "professional" theme, SSL certificate, "pro" features, integrations, etc). Not a lot of money but enough to expect professional communication. The reply to my support request:

WordPress versus Google Blogger

Ahhhh. Polemic. Gotta love it.

An interesting point is, that one of their USPs seems to be that "it does not break".

Google Blogger wins, Wordpress wins

Yes, WordPress has a ton of options and functions. Endless possibilities. And an endless potential for trouble. That's why it wins.

But you`ll end up with a collection of maybe compatible plugins from developers with different skill levels. It's hard to fight the "shiney object syndrome" so that you might spend a lot of time trying things.

Not counting the time and potential loss of sales - until you're done creating a halfway secure and functional WordPress store/site you spent more money, time and nerves than with a ready-made solution. And it will potentially still look "WordPressish". That is a negative. I never had to think about comment spam (in a larger scale), https and things like that.

In my opinion, for a simple blog, Google is the better solution. And for a more complex scenario I prefer an integrated ready-made tool. That's why Blogger wins.

Your WordPress store/site can break with every new update. Getting support can be quite difficult, especially when you are not sure which plugin causes the problem.

If you don't mind fiddling with technicalities, WordPress might be the right solution for you. Just keep in mind: There is no such thing as free lunch.

It's not free when you have to spend time you could have used to generate sales.

You can either pay a fixed price upfront or an unknown amount of money, time, nerves and possibly even reputation later.

Would you like to see where my WordPress store for my digital products is at after switching to a new theme a few hours ago?

It`s still work in progress ... but, hey, the checkout is working already - and the affiliate links are too.