Thursday, July 13, 2017

Beardvertising - an innovative advertising approach

Coming up with brilliant marketing ideas is like hunting the holy grail these days. With too much, too aggressive and too salesy advertisements all around us, we have become numb and defensive.

We install ad-blockers, we stop taking calls from unknown numbers, we block spam - our guards go up as soon as we spot a salesperson.

beardvertising advertising

Many marketing and advertising agencies are looking for ways to "beat" us, manipulate us instead of producing content we want to see. "The unblockable ad" and such are popular topics amongst advertisers and advertising agencies.

If an industry's approach is: "They don't want it, we'll find ways to force it on them", it's pretty much a failure, in my view.

We are all competing for precious attention from potential buyers. Even the best vendor will need the chance to communicate with a potential client. It becomes increasingly difficult to get that spot.

Advertising without being annoying - how?

It's understandable that we want to offer our support and products to buyers. After all, if we offer something that allows buyers to be happier, healthier or wealthier it is even our obligation.

But how can we earn the chance to create an emotional connection with a buyer? Even below C-Level, every business person/entrepreneur might have been approached by 20 salespeople before it's 12 pm.

Quality content, network, and innovation are key.

Irish Andy Anderson Beardvertising

In 2013, Irish Andy Anderson (Professional Wrestler, Small Business Web Consulting, Podcaster) landed a hit when he started "beardvertising".

Soon the Dollar Shave Club picked up the idea and it became their most successful campaign ever. reported that beardvertisers received $5 per day, which also makes it an inexpensive advertising solution.

What better place to advertise for a shave club than a full beard?

It is reported that people approached the beardvertisers to read the messages and were appreciative of the beard ads.

Not every idea will be a hit like beardvertising. But that is what we need to do. We need to be a trustworthy partner, offer quality work and generate fresh ideas to be able to get someone's attention to start communication.

Irish Andy Anderson

If your small business needs fresh ideas, SEO consulting or help with your website - connect with Andy and learn how he could help other businesses to drive traffic to their sites and increase their sales.

You find Andy Anderson HERE

I also recommend his entertaining podcast that you can access by clicking on the picture below.

Irish Andy Anderson


Andy offered me a free advertisement. Before he knew I would write an article about his beardvertising. You can catch up with the conversation on Monday when I release our Interview Blab.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

About Twitter Auto Messages With Link

One of the most famous German runway coaches is a guy who seems to be lacking motoric skills. Still, he creates stars.

About Twitter Auto Messages

I saw a documentary about him perhaps 12 years ago. 

Oh, and I also remember the huge soccer coach. He was never an active player and his weight would make it impossible for him to run. 

For years and years, he managed to coach a team to greatness. 

I remember those two people because it's extraordinary. Rare. 

"Online business" is such a dynamic playfield. I can go to a site, grab a link and an email swipe and advice people on how to run their business. 

That's amazing, don't you think?

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself two question before you implement a new strategy or procedure: 
  • How would I react when presented with this?
  • Does the teacher make his money by doing what he teaches or by selling his "proven system" to unsuspecting new "entrepreneurs"?
Say, when was the last time you purchased something through an automated Twitter message? 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Viraloo Review Warning

Wow, I really don't like to write negative reviews. But I feel if something annoyed me it's common decency to let you know. Tomorrow or so I can luckily share about a fabulous tool I discovered for you.

Viraloo Review

You know .. Viraloo makes the typical "get viral, rich and immortal overnight" claims. As you know, I am not interested in that so that I am not bothered that it's not true. Everybody knows that it doesn't work like this.

I purchased Viraloo because I was under the impression that it allows me to offer content for social action. For instance, someone gets a free product if 10 people sign up through his link.

There is also "affiliate training" included in the initial purchase price of just $ 27.

It turned out that this is not working for my business. The "lock" can only refer to the page it is on. I wanted to have an opt-in page, and after people received their goodie, invite them to earn an even bigger goodie.

A blackmail lock might work in the "Internet Business" "MLM" "Affiliate" area - I personally find it offensive. Reminds me of "wannacry" more than marketing. And don't forget that I offer corporate sales training in partnership with Mike Bosworth Leadership.

I was still a super, super happy camper. Viraloo allowed me to use Instapages and I thought it's a fabulous page builder.

I cannot comment on the quality of the "training". I doubt it is training though. The spammyness of the viraloo download page made clear to me that this will be our last interaction, and I was convinced the "training" is just going to be upsell-shows.

While I do not take a lot of time to write a negative review, I looked at the JV page:
Viraloo Scam Review

Oh, haha, look at that. Why do I need 3 more stuff when I will be rich and famous tomorrow, anyway?

Jokes aside, I expected something like that and I am not worried that you don't become a superstar overnight by making blackmailish offers. I don't know a lot about your business. Personally, I click away if a page says as much as "share to access".

Yes, Dropbox and others grew crazy with this strategy. People wanted more storage. But my products, and perhaps yours too, are not products people are actively looking for. My job is often to invite the ones who are not looking (95% of the market) to become my clients.

Ok, focus, Aurorasa. Ah, right.

The "lock" does not have any fraud detection so that you can expect to give your great item (it has to be great for someone to share your offer and get 5 sign-ups for you ...) out for free. You will also loose opt-ins who are just not into the type of aggressive marketing. That's at least my guess.

The thing with the spam

I had one problem that I hate from the second I purchased. The vendor does not only promote really, really spammy offers right away - I received a ton of spam. To the address on my PayPal account that is normally spam free.

It's not proven in any way, that these guys are responsible for that - it could be just a coincidence that my spam free mailbox all of a sudden is hit by "get viral, rich and immortal overnight" spam.

But, you know, perception is reality and my impression of "The Art of Marketing" (the makers of Viraloo) at this point was already damaged.

Oh, well, also not a big problem for me, my email provider is very aggressive towards spammers and they soon land on blacklists.

viraloo spam

But .... here's the thing.

I was happy and excited, created my landing page, promoted it (touched money to do so) only to learn that people received an error 404.

When I logged into my Viraloo account at http://, I learned that Instapages was gone. My landing page has been deleted. I was not informed of that.

Instead some 3rd class "page builder" had been installed.

I contacted support. They did not reply for 8 days. I contacted them again, this time requesting a refund. They did not answer.

Probably to outrank the negative reviews that will soon be over the net, "Art of Marketing" called an article on their own blog "Viraloo-Scam" (that's the URL): Negative SEO from the vendor?

Scam is a big word that we use too easily. I would not call it a scam. I think it's an unprofessional vendor with an approach that might be considered "sales talent" in the Affiliate and MLM area. But in no other place in the world.

I recommend staying away.

A professional and spam-free alternative with attentive support, fraud detection, and tons of features is UpViral.

Have a look at it. Oh, should you want your money back from them - the support replies.

PS: Upviral is also cheaper given that the price they tell you upfront is the real price!